These Corn Recipes Make The Best Side Dishes

Is corn something you eat on a regular basis in your home, or does it tend to be more of a rarity? A lot of people love corn, but they just don't know what to make with it. Of course, you could always have corn on the cob, and you can mix canned corn with a wide variety of foods. But beyond that, many home chefs are at a loss when it comes to putting fun spins on this vegetable.

Consider your corn dilemma solved, because there are actually a bunch of amazing corn side dish recipes out there. You can get creative the next time you buy corn on the cob or canned corn by checking out these tasty Mashed corn recipes for inspiration. We've compiled a list of our absolute favorites, and they are sure to become staple side dishes on your dinner table.

Are you ready to explore corn in a whole new way? Take a look at these simple and easy recipes, and get cooking. Who knows — you may just find a new favorite side dish.

5-ingredient Mexican street corn

Sure, you've probably had corn on the cob plenty of times before. But did you know that there's an even tastier way to prepare this classic veggie? Once you taste Mexican street corn, you may never want regular corn on the cob again. Also known as elote, this street food is super popular in Mexico, but you can also find it throughout the U.S. If you're looking for a quick and easy version, you can't go wrong with our 5-ingredient Mexican street corn recipe. With just a few ingredients, it can be prepared in no time at all.

Creamed corn

You may have had creamed corn straight out of the can before, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if you want a homemade treat, you can make your very own creamed corn in just 20 minutes. This is typically served as a side dish, but it's so delicious that you might find yourself trying to make a whole meal out of it. It only requires seven ingredients, and you probably already have most of them in your kitchen. You can easily prepare your creamed corn and serve it with your main course the same night.

Corn pudding

If you're looking for a side dish that's as simple as it is delicious, you can't go wrong with corn pudding. This dish is so classic that it really can go with anything, so no matter what you're eating for dinner, you can whip this up to put on the side. It has some surprising ingredients in it, including nutmeg, but you shouldn't leave out a single thing. Luckily, you probably already have most of it on hand. Try this recipe once, and it might just become a new favorite in your home.

Corn casserole

Just imagine combining two of the greatest corn dishes on earth: creamed corn and cornbread. That's basically what you're going to get when you try this corn casserole recipe. There's a good chance you've had a corn casserole before, but until you've tried this one, you don't know what you're missing out on. While it does take an hour to make, most of that time is pretty hands-off, so it's the kind of dish you can prepare and just throw into the oven for a bit. Baking doesn't get much simpler than that.

Mexican street corn salad

Do you love elote but don't have the time to make it from scratch? That's not a problem. If you're looking for a corn dish that's both inventive and fresh, then you can't go wrong with this recipe for Mexican street corn salad. It combines all of your favorite flavors of street corn in an easy-to-make and easy-to-eat salad you'll have on a regular side dish rotation. We think that this salad is perfect for summer, but you can make it whenever you want something tasty to pair with the rest of your meal.

Easy cornbread

Cornbread is fun to bake and even more fun to eat. But if you don't fancy yourself a baker, then whipping up some fresh cornbread may seem like it's out of the question for you. We're here to tell you that cornbread doesn't have to be hard to prepare, especially when you follow our easy cornbread recipe. Yes, you are going to use a cornbread mix, but you'll add in some other ingredients that will take it to the next level. Mix it up, and in less than an hour, you'll be eating the cornbread of your dreams.