Why Noel Fielding Wasn't Sure About Hosting The Great British Baking Show

Fans of Noel Fielding and his signature eyeliner were likely upset when they first heard that he would be taking a leave of absence from The Great British Baking Show for 2020's Christmas special and the upcoming celebrity edition (via Hello Magazine). Fortunately, Fielding only left the show temporarily for paternity leave during filming. However, there was a time when Fielding strongly considered not even joining the beloved television show back in 2017, according to the New York Times.

Many fans of the baking show might not realize or be aware of Fielding's comedic start. In the United Kingdom, he was best known for his late-night act, often raunchy, oddball comedy, and work on The Mighty Boosh. While the change of scene to a baking program was certainly a 180-degree turn for his career, it was a welcome change for the show. It even endeared the show to a younger generation of viewers who appreciated his sometimes lewd jokes. But before Noel Fielding joined the show, his biggest fear was that he was making a mistake for both his career and the tone of The Great British Baking Show.

Noel Fielding was afraid of ruining The Great British Baking Show

According to the New York Times, Noel Fielding said that he believed he was "going to the gallows" on his first day of filming with co-host Sandi Toksvig. Apparently, that's just how seriously they both were afraid of wrecking the show as the new hosts. To top it off, Fielding had only recently become a fan of The Great British Baking Show himself shortly before accepting the position as co-host. Fielding binge-watched a full season of the show when he was particularly hungover one day. Finally becoming an admirer of the show and knowing that he would get to work with Toksvig was what eventually won him over to the program.

Finally, Fielding also told the New York Times, "Unfortunately for me, I did go to art school, and I do have that snobby art school cool thing." It made him somewhat self-conscious about joining pop culture television. Of course, after Noel Fielding changed his own view of himself and his work, he was very happy to be on the show.