Half Of All People Consider This Type Of Soda Their Favorite

When it comes to soda, people tend to be very opinionated. From the flavor to the brand that you buy, everyone seems to have a pretty firm answer. However, Mashed polled 66,000 people worldwide to find out what everybody's favorite kind of soda actually is. The results were quite polarizing and could have been even more so if the winning category had been further split into preferred brands. The options included four categories: Mountain Dew, Sprite, Coke/Pepsi, and "other."

The clear winner was Coke/Pepsi, which received half the votes from 33,000 people. It's very likely that people would have been torn between the two, though, if they hadn't been paired together. The loser of the bunch was Mountain Dew, which received just 13 percent of the vote. That's only 8,580 people who selected Mountain Dew. Sprite came in third place with 17 percent of people, or 11,220, voting for it.

People are attached to specialized soda flavors

That means that the other category was actually the runner-up in second place. It turns out, 20 percent of people, or 13,200 poll takers, selected "other" in the poll, which means that they wrote their answer in. The sodas that they favored and wrote in might surprise you. Of course, a fair amount of the votes were in protest of the Coke/Pepsi grouping as many people wanted to be able to choose their side. Still, there's no denying the majority of people are still a fan of the caramel-like, cinnamon-like taste of cola.

Those who commented with another flavor actually presented a wide range of other favorites. Some said they love root beer while others named Dr. Pepper. "Dr. Pepper is the most reliable Fast Food soda because those sodas are always watered down, but Dr. Pepper's flavor is strong enough to overcome that," one voter explained. Others said they preferred ginger ale. Other write-ins included Squirt, Grape Crush, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Diet Pepsi, Jarritos Pineapple, and even RC Cola.

No matter the kind of soda you like to drink most, there are limitless options. Some comments even mentioned regional sodas. It just goes to show that you can stick to your favorites, but there are certainly other drinks out there to try.