What Chopped Winner Tanya Cauthen Is Up To Now

If there's one type of show that many of us like to indulge in, it's food television. One of the shows that has managed to make an impression on its viewers? Chopped, of course. With judges like Maneet Chauhan and Scott Conan testing dishes, and time-crunched races featuring unique ingredients and stressful mishaps, it's hard not to get hooked on this show and grow attached to its contestants (via Food Network).

One of the most interesting participants who graced the show with her presence was Tanya Cauthen. A butcher from Richmond, Virginia, Cauthen was crowned the winner during an episode of season 34 (via PopSugar). The chef spoke to Style Weekly about her stint on the show and said that she'd been working as a butcher (not necessarily a chef) when she was asked to be a part of Chopped. She didn't know whether this was a good idea, but decided to give the show an honest shot. Luckily, this turned out to be a great decision as Cauthen impressed everyone with her impressive cooking skills. Here's what the winner is up to these days.

Cauthen is staying busy with her butcher shop

Tanya Cauthen was already sure about her passion and didn't change her plans after winning Chopped. As per PopSugar, the chef previously trained in Switzerland and Australia, and prior to coming on the show, she had established her business: Belmont Butchery. After filming and accepting her title, she decided to return home to her meat shop.

According to the butchery's website, Cauthen keeps herself occupied with running the store, as well as teaching. She's been organizing sessions for enthusiasts who need a bit of guidance while improving their skills in the kitchen and has also spent time holding demonstrations with non-profit organizations. Last year, the chef joined The Center for Rural Culture to lend her expertise as the group worked on improving their homesteading sessions. Fun fact: Cauthen is often accompanied by her husband, Henry Reidy, in her business endeavors. The couple resides on a farm in Montpelier, Virginia and are busy with their shop and farming life at home.