Daisy Ridley's Hilarious Great British Baking Show Toilet Cake Is Turning Heads

Let's face it: We've all had a tough year and are simply looking for ways to stay afloat during the pandemic. A great escape during these turbulent times is, of course, reality television, which allows us to forget our worries briefly and focus on something else — no matter how dramatic or outlandish. Well, along those lines, plenty of new content has popped up including the celebrity version of The Great British Baking Show. This specific edition was launched to support the organization Stand Up To Cancer (via Manchester Evening News).

The series will showcase four celebrities trying their hand at baking for five weeks. One of the celebrities who has already make quite a splash with her work on the show is actress Daisy Ridley, perhaps best known for her role in the Star Wars trilogy. Well, Ridley is making sure that she enjoys herself as much as possible in the competition and has come up with — wait for it — a toilet cake. The internet has, understandably, exploded.

Ridley has amused many fans with her toilet cake

As reported by Manchester Evening News, Ridley was working with comedy stars Rob Beckett and Tom Allen and singer Alexandra Burke on the show. They created quite a few interesting dishes such as millionaire shortbread, a tart, and eclectic cakes. Ridley decided to make one of her biggest pet peeves clear with her cake: She is not a fan of folks who leave toilet seats up. The lemon buttercream dessert even had bathroom tiles that were prepared with orange chocolate!

As per Digital Spythe other contestants played it relatively safe by baking things like a car, a bed, and a road sign. While the toilet cake didn't exactly charm Ridley or the judges, fans were pretty amused by what they saw. One Twitter user wrote, "Thank you, Daisy Ridley and your toilet cake, for managing to put a smile on my face." Another fan expressed their approval by tweeting, "Daisy Ridley's toilet cake is an underappreciated phrase."