What You Won't Be Able To Order At Canadian Wendy's

Wendy's offers some mouthwatering burger options to its customers, ranging from the classic Dave's Single to the gargantuan Baconator, but not everybody goes through the drive-thru asking "where's the beef?" Cue the fast-food chain's silently popular baked potato, a "lighter" option that debuted in 1983, per the Wendy's website. Fast-forward to 2017, and it was selling at a rate of 1 million per week, or roughly 52 million a year (via Thrillist).

While the deliciousness of a potato in any form is uncontested, it doesn't hurt to dress them up a bit, and Wendy's offers a slew of options to give their baked potatoes some razzle-dazzle. The restaurant's current menu in the U.S. offers five different versions of the tater: plain, cheese, bacon cheese, chili & cheese, and sour cream and chive.

But the list doesn't stop there! Taste of Home revealed that any French fry or burger toppings – including beer cheese and crispy onions from its Pretzel Bacon Pub Burger - are also available to top your delicious spud. However, if you visit a Wendy's in delightfully polite Canada and expect the same, you're in for a not-at-all-rude awakening.

Canadian Wendy's restaurants offer less topping options for their baked potatoes

While Thrillist noted that Wendy's is the only fast-food chain to offer a baked potato at every location, the toppings for the dish differ depending on the location of the restaurant. According to Taste of Home, the chili & cheese, as well as the plain cheese options are not available for those heading to the drive-thru for a spud in Canada. However, this doesn't mean they don't have a potato dish exclusive to the country's own Wendy's restaurants.

As you probably could have guessed, Canadian Wendy's offers a couple of poutine items for its patrons to devour. According to Wendy's Canada, eateries up in the Great White North serve a classic poutine dish, which includes a bed of "sea-salt-seasoned, skin-on potatoes" smothered in gravy and cheese curds, as well as a version that adds bacon to the already delectable combination of toppings – because everything is better with bacon.