Aarti Sequeira Reveals The Weirdest Item In Her Fridge

Aarti Sequeira captured our attention as the breakout winner of The Next Food Network Star during season six of the reality cooking competition. She dazzled the judges and excited viewers' palates with her Indian-inspired food creations. Her meteoric rise led to her publishing her first cookbook in 2014, Aarti Paarti: An American Kitchen with an Indian Soul. The Queen of Spice, as she is so aptly nicknamed, hosted both Aarti Party and the travel show Hidden Eats before becoming a judge on Guy Fieri's show Guy's Grocery Games. Sequeira is so awesome in the kitchen that Selena Gomez invited Sequeira on her Selena + Chef cooking show (via IMDb). 

Needless to say, this celebrity chef, who was educated in a British school, continues to impress us with her food savoir faire and the great tips she shares. But have you ever wondered what celebrity chefs keep in their refrigerators? According to CNN Business, the majority of Americans have one of these appliances in their homes. In fact, almost 100 percent of people in the United States own one. But while most refrigerators look similar on the outside, they all differ when it comes to what we keep on the inside. To this end, Food Network asked some of its most celebrated chefs what is the weirdest item they have in the refrigerator? Sequeira's answer is sure to make you laugh.

Sequeira has pork gelatin in her fridge

Honestly, we think if Sequeira saves this weird and unassuming item in her refrigerator long enough, she could pull off some cool April Fool's jokes. Sequeira told Food Network if someone opened her fridge at that precise moment, "You would reach in for a tub of yogurt, you would open it up, and you would find this brown, shaky, Jell-O-y-looking stuff." The reason? She added that, "We slow-cooked these pork shoulders for, like, 12 hours, so the stock has so much gelatin in it that it's this Jell-O." Not quite what you expected, right?

Pork-flavored Jell-O definitely doesn't have our taste buds salivating, but it did make us wonder if Sequeira's now-jiggly broth unintentionally created a whole new dish. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Per Mom's Dish, there's a dish from Eastern Europe called aspic, which is a gelatin broth with pieces of meat and vegetables floating in it. It doesn't sound too appetizing, but you can't knock it 'til you try it.