The Internet Is Obsessed With This Cajun Fry Tinder Pickup Line

The way to at least one woman's heart might be through a plate of Cajun fries. As reported by Washintongian, Tinder user Collier Fernekes and her subsequent viral tweet had many people invested in a clever food pickup line. Shared on Fernekes Twitter account, swiping right on John's profile came with a plethora of potato wooing. The detailed account of carefully prepared Cajun fries made her mouth water in anticipation of that first taste. Whether it was the choice of the Yukon Gold potatoes, the attention to each cooking step, or that cajun seasoning, Fernekes suddenly had a craving for fries and a yearning to chat with John.

Given her viral tweet, many people became invested in that first meeting with her fry guy. The virtual "date" was live streamed on Twitter. While the love of cajun seasoned potatoes sparked her interest, that little taste revealed other items that they had in common. From a love of Twin Peaks to similar music tastes, those items wouldn't have been brought to the table without that first serving of those persuasive potatoes. Although Fernekes has to wait to enjoy those carefully crafted cajun fries until a future date, it appears that John has earned a five-star review.

Does food entice a right swipe on Tinder?

Getting someone's attention on Tinder shouldn't be equated to doomscrolling. A Los Angeles Times article explored the Zoosk study that suggested food may make some profiles look more enticing. While everyone has food preferences, the article suggests that certain foods create that craving and get people swiping the right way. Similar to Collier Fernekes and her Cajun fry admirer, potatoes are one of those popular foods. Although the reasoning is unclear, it could be because all those potato puns are just so a-peeling (pun intended). Mashed, fried, or even twice baked, many people just like potatoes.

Potatoes aren't the only food getting some Tinder love in that study (via Zoosk). Guacamole was the top food, though no one mentioned whether combining guacamole and potatoes would cause a Tinder profile to soar to new flavor heights. Also, chocolate and salads rounded out the top choices. But, there was one big don't on the Tinder food list: Fried chicken seems to be a hard pass for many users. Maybe that old phrase of finger lickin' good doesn't bode well for swiping.