These New Pop-Tart Flavors Are Inspired By Your Favorite Pies

As fans of Pop-Tarts already know, the flavor makes all the difference. No one is stocking up on the toaster pastries for the pastry itself; it's all about the filling and the icing on top. So, if you're getting a little tired of your staple flavor, whether that be Brown Sugar Cinnamon, S'mores, or Strawberry, you're in luck! There are new flavors hitting store shelves soon, and they're as sweet as pie.

According to Thrillist, there are three new flavors set to release in June, all themed around classic desserts: peach cobbler, lemon crème pie, and banana crème pie. After all, who doesn't want to eat their favorite dessert for breakfast? The peach and lemon flavors will come in boxes of eight Pop-Tarts for $2.89, while the banana will come in a box of 16 for the still very reasonable price of $3.68.

However, these aren't the only new flavors Pop-Tarts have in store.

Another new Pop-Tart flavor to look out for

If pie for breakfast doesn't sound like your thing, or you don't tend to go for the overly-sweet, frosted Pop-Tarts, don't worry. There's another new flavor of the classic toaster pastry that might be more your speed: mango! (via Delish).

Unlike the cobbler and crème pie versions, this new mango Pop-Tart isn't fully frosted. Instead, it has just a drizzle of mango-colored icing on top to complement the fruity flavor. Not only that, but the mango and other new flavors are already listed at Meijer stores, though they might not be immediately available in all locations.

Of course, the delay hasn't stopped fans from reacting to the news online. One person replied to the Pop-Tarts Twitter announcement of the new flavors with the comment "Mango? You're just taunting me now. Still no coconut. I'm angry, poptarts" (via Twitter). Others were more excited, with comments like, "These look amazing! I wanna try all of them" and simply, "I'm buying them all" (via Twitter). Of course, it's up to you whether or not you join them.