This Was Giada De Laurentiis' Favorite Place In Bobby And Giada In Italy

Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis go together like spah-GEH-tti and meatballs, and both duos have something in common: If they're good in America, they're great in Italy. At least, that's what the new streaming service Discovery+ is betting on in its four-part series Bobby and Giada in Italy. The show features the celebrity chefs (and friends for over 15 years, De Laurentiis tells Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, hosts of Today with Hoda and Jenna) as they eat and drink their way through Italy. You know, before the pandemic made trips like that the stuff of pipe dreams.

And while Rome may be De Laurentiis' hometown, it would appear that after filming the show, she's developed a new soft spot in her heart for Tuscany. Though she said naming a favorite place from their trip was tough, Tuscany might have to be declared the winner after filming Bobby and Giada in Italy, "Only because I haven't spent much time there and it was just..." For a moment, the chef is at a loss for words. Then, lowering her voice, De Laurentiis explains her choice: "Drinking wine in a vineyard was fabulous."

Good food and good advice from Bobby and Giada in Italy

The cheerful chef's travel partner seems to concur. In an interview with People, Bobby Flay says that making wild boar ragu and pasta in Tuscany — a dish that the region is known for — was a highlight of a trip filled with highlights. "I think you're going to see an inherent happiness in both of us just being there," he told the outlet in January.

The series devotes two episodes to Tuscany, while the other two are set in Rome and feature De Laurentiis' mom, actress Veronica De Laurentiis. But as magical as the setting and the cast of characters might have been, traveling with someone is still traveling with someone. "We did spend days where we were separated, thank goodness," De Laurentiis tells Today, of how she and Bobby made so much time together work. "Like any relationship, it's good to have some breaks from each other!"