The Truth About Bobby And Giada In Italy

Whether you're dreaming up your next Italian vacation from the confines of your couch, or looking to catch more of some of your favorite Food Network stars, Bobby and Giada in Italy is what culinary dreams are made of. The new show, available exclusively on streaming platform Discovery+, features celebrity chefs Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis living 'la dolce vita' in Rome and Tuscany. 

More specifically, the show is made up of four hour-long episodes, in which the two chefs "immerse themselves in the culinary traditions of Italy, soaking in the history and energy behind some of their favorite locations they have visited through the years, all the while savoring the dishes that continue to make Italy a go-to destination for global cuisine." After watching the whole series, we can confirm there's no shortage of beautiful Italian landscapes, luxurious fresh ingredients, and decadent Italian dishes, leaving us with a major carbonara craving and an itch to travel. You've been warned: do not watch this show on an empty stomach.

The show was Bobby Flay's idea

The idea for Bobby and Giada in Italy was actually something Bobby Flay reportedly came up with all on his own, born out of his love for all things Italian. According to the Food Network, he relocated to Rome a few years ago, and "he's been dreaming of going back ever since." And Flay knew right off the bat that he wanted Giada de Laurentiis to be a part of it. He explained to People, "We're friends, we obviously both love Italy, and we're both on the same network, so it made perfect sense." 

But there's more to it than that. As Bobby confesses in the show's intro, he has fallen in love with the lifestyle, culture, and food of Italy, "but to really understand a place, you need to see it with a local." De Laurentiis was born and partially raised in Rome, and still considers Italian to be her first language (via Food Network). She is able to bring that perspective to all of their culinary adventures, along with helping Flay with his Italian vocabulary along the way. De Laurentiis also admits on the show that exploring Italy with Flay "opened my eyes to other things that I don't normally see."

Filming began in 2019, with the hosts documenting the fun on social media

Bobby and Giada in Italy premiered on Discovery+ on January 4, 2021, naturally raising a lot of questions about how this show was made in the midst of a global pandemic. Travel restrictions aside, there are no masks worn on the show and no social distancing. Some voiced their concerns on social media. However, there is an explanation for all of that. 

Turns out, this show was filmed back in 2019, before any of us could have even imagined the coronavirus pandemic and the toll it would take on our travel plans and life in general. Both Flay and De Laurentiis shared Instagram posts and stories in September of 2019, documenting their travels and adventures while filming the show (via People). In one Instagram post from De Laurentiis, the two hosts are seen smiling amidst a crew of producers, with the caption saying "Next stop... Tuscany!" In a post from Flay's account, the chef holds up an Italian soda and a porchetta sandwich on a busy Roman street, in a moment caught on camera by De Laurentiis. In another, Flay captures the serene dinner setting from their last night in Montalcino, which you'll recognize when you watch the last episode.

The chemistry between Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis is undeniable

You only need to watch a few minutes of Bobby & Giada in Italy to see that the two make the ideal hosting duo. This comes as no surprise to those who have been following the chefs during their Food Network careers. Bobby Flay and Giada de Laurentiis have been friends for years, and have worked together on other projects, from competing together on Iron Chef, to co-hosting Food Network Star. Their friendship exists on and off the camera, and there have been plenty of rumors over the years that there might actually be something more between the two.

Bobby and Giada in Italy doesn't do much to dispel the idea. The chemistry between Flay and De Laurentiis is readily apparent throughout the show. The two are constantly making quips, laughing, and dare we say, flirting, in every episode. De Laurentiis is even filmed feeding delicious Italian ingredients to Bobby, which feels very intimate. Even while in Rome, De Laurentiis goes shopping for a gift for Flay to remember the trip by. And don't just take our word for it. Viewers of the show have definitely picked up on the vibes between Flay and De Laurentiis, with one Reddit user commenting, "They def look like a couple," adding, "I mean come on living it up in Italy... sipping on the best wines.. they've got some other buzz behind the scenes going on too I will put money on it."

Bobby and Giada enjoy some solo adventures on the show, too

While the show mostly features Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis exploring and indulging in the best of Italian cuisine together, the two aren't totally inseparable. Both Flay and De Laurentiis embark on some solo food fun while in Italy... all on film of course.

In the first episode, Flay takes advantage of De Laurentiis' early bird tendencies to enjoy a night out in Rome, wandering into some of his favorite late night pizza spots in the city, and making some new friends along the way. In episode two, Flay also ventures out to see how his favorite anchovy pasta is made, while De Laurentiis gets a crash course, and a taste test, in the art of tiramisu. The Italian chef also gets to spend some one-on-one time with her mom, Veronica De Laurentiis, who is an actress and an author.

Making the show was a mostly stress-free experience

Creating a television show — even one about the glorious foods and lifestyle of Italy — requires a whole lot of hard work behind the scenes. There's scouting, research, scripting, filming take after take... and all that before post-production starts. But, according to Bobby Flay, filming Bobby and Giada in Italy was actually a relaxing and enjoyable experience as far as television production can be. Flay recently told Delish, "it's almost like we were on some sort of extended vacation, but we're also working at the same time." Yep, that definitely sounds like a dream job. Even better if you and your co-worker are besties! Flay added that there's something about Italy that puts both he and Roman-native Giada De Laurentiis at ease, only adding to their natural on-camera rapport. "We were just in a great mood the entire time. We got along great. We always have a great time together."

A lot of gelato was consumed

Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis get their hands on all kinds of Italian treats throughout the episodes of Bobby and Giada in Italy – from De Laurentiis' favorite pizza bianca, to mountains of fresh pasta, locally made cheese and wines, fresh fig salads, iconic porchetta sandwiches, and everything in between (truth: writing this sentence has made us very hungry). And one thing you'll see them eat a lot of along the way is gelato.

The Italian ice cream is a staple dessert, and it also happens to be one of Bobby Flay's favorite foods. He admitted to PopCulture. that "anybody that works with me or knows me as a friend, knows that my serious weakness is gelato." And Flay takes it to a new level. "I will sit and make [a] gelato bar by myself and just spread out amazing flavors of gelato and sauces and different kinds of nuts, and that's my thing," the chef confessed.

There's a reason Bobby Flay wears a suit on the show

Running around the streets of Rome, getting hands on in the kitchen, and digging into delicious dishes are all on the agenda in Bobby and Giada in Italy. You'd think that would call for some casual (and probably stretchy) clothing. But not for Bobby Flay. In many scenes of him and Giada De Laurentiis exploring Rome, you'll catch Bobby in a suit or fancy blazer. It's a calculated outfit choice on his part. Flay was asked about it recently, and admitted "I have a suit on because when I go to a place like Rome, I want to be dressed like a local, so I don't feel like I'm just, you know, the next tourist" (via Delish). It's apparently all part of a whole façade — as they say, when in Rome... Flay put it this way: "I put on a nice suit, and I walk around and go shopping — it just makes me feel like I'm kind of living life a little bit. It's almost like the movie of my life."

Flay and De Laurentiis' show is basically your food itinerary for your next trip to Italy

Before the premiere of Bobby and Giada in Italy, there were few details about the show's format and what viewers could expect. Would it be a cooking show, with the hosts whipping up a lot of Italian recipes? Would it be a restaurant tour of Rome and Tuscany, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives style? The truth is that it's actually a little bit of both, but the show leans heavily on featuring some of the best restaurants, chefs, and food producers that Italy has to offer. 

Flay and De Laurentiis visit a variety of different spots and people along their journey, from chefs of fine dining cuisine, to the classic and laid back cafes that dot the streets of Rome, to hole-in-the-wall restaurants where every dish feels home-cooked. The pair also check out local farms and vineyards that look well worth a visit, if you're down to put on a beekeeper suit or milk a sheep to make pecorino. Our advice? Take some notes while watching Bobby and Giada in Italy, you've basically got yourself a full itinerary for your next trip to Rome or Tuscany.