The Bizarre Way Andy Cohen Eats Doritos

We've all got a thing, right? Jessica Biel eats in the shower. Jimmy Fallon once tweeted that Selena Gomez makes popcorn with Tabasco sauce and pickle juice. Andrew Zimmerman admitted to Delish that he collects mustard. If you believe the gossip, Jenny from the Block, i.e. JLO, i.e. Jennifer Lynn Lopez, will only drink coffee when stirred counter-clockwise (via Washington Examiner). And, if you think that's eccentric, try only eating boot-shaped chicken nuggets, like Katy Perry does (via US Weekly). As for us? We're excited to sample Peeps Pepsi, and we triple dog dare you to laugh.

To, recap: we've all got a thing, and Watch What Happens Live's Andy Cohen's got a thing, too. You'd be forgiven for thinking he has a soft spot for hot dogs, given his partnership with Nathan's, as announced by Smithfield Foods. But actually, Cohen goes mushy for SpaghettiOs. The talk show host even has a customized bowl to prove his dedication to canned noodles (via Twitter). Also, there's the delicate issue of Cohen's preferred Dorito-eating method.

How to eat a Dorito, a la Andy Cohen

Before we extrapolate on Andy Cohen's Dorito-eating technique, know this. We watched him chat with Jimmy Fallon and discovered that Cohen calls the chips "dorites" (via Youtube). Yes, Cohen is unapologetically one of those people, of the "just relax and have a dorite" variety. (If you're not one of those people too, Urban Dictionary might be able to clear things up for you, because we can't.) Anyways, it turns out, that the TV personality's preferred way of consuming Doritos is equally as confounding.

Daryn Carp, Cohen's assistant, once testified about his Dorito-eating habits to E!'s Pop of the Morning. "First off, [Andy Cohen] could eat the whole bag, like he could house the whole bag," Carp explained. And then she showed her audience how: by licking the cheese off of each, individual chip (via Bravo). Cohen, himself, has copped to the fact that "the artificial cheese dust on chips" counts as one of his favorite cheeses (via Bravo).

But wait! There's more to this slightly off-putting story. Andy Cohen is not alone. Chrissy Teigen loves Dorito dust too. "I lick off the nacho cheese seasoning and put the chips back in the bag," she proudly told Delish. As we said (a couple of times already), we've all got a thing, right?