The Pioneer Woman's Favorite Way To Relax Is Very Relatable

Balance in life is the penultimate goal, but oh so difficult to achieve, right? Well, according to USA Today, if you are a chef — just your everyday run-of-the-mill chef sans the paparazzi — then chances are you have experienced the grueling demands that accompany the role. In fact, being a chef ranks No. 13 out of 25 of the worst and most stressful jobs you could have. Even those of us who are just newbs to the cooking world, feel the anxiety of creating and serving up the perfect meal to our most vocal critics, i.e. our family and friends. So we can only imagine that heightened sense of pressure those who straddle both the celebrity and chef space must experience, especially when you layer in everyday life.

Ree Drummond is a perfect example of this. The celebrity chef and cookbook author is also a busy mom helping her daughter plan a wedding while taking care of the needs of her other kids and her husband. And, on top of all that, she hosts her cooking show and manages her Pioneer Woman empire. She admittedly gets overwhelmed just like everyone else. If we ever hear her mutter, "Serenity now," we wouldn't just think she was a Seinfeld fan. But Drummond has lots of ways to relax and detox and they are just like her — down to earth and so very relatable.

Netflix and a massage chair do the trick for Ree Drummond

Recently, Ree Drummond revealed on her Pioneer Woman blog her most treasured activity: "Quiet time on the sofa. . .self-care or otherwise!" The Oklahoma native went on to further explain, "Watching a movie or Netflix series with Ladd, working on my computer, sipping red wine...just any kind of downtime!" Drummond's simple way to detox and unwind is so easy and so relatable.  

But Drummond also shared that she has a secret weapon. Drummond confessed, "I also have a whopper of a massage chair in our living room (I got it as a gift for 'the family'), and I sometimes crawl in there a couple of times a day if things are crazy in my house." Like many of us, Drummond hasn't been able to take advantage of the spa because of the pandemic, but she did share that when she does plan her spa visits, a massage is her "most loved service." According to, massages are known to help release tension, negative energy, and stress, and we love that she has a chair to pick up the slack in between her spa visits. 

But it does not have to be a spa, as the busy mom is also a fan of the quiet day at home with the television on as background noise to keep her company. Drummond said, "To me, an uninterrupted work day at home is a form of relaxation! I have to think and work and do things, but I set my own schedule."