Kardea Brown's Inspirational Throwback Has Fans Amazed

If you love Southern coastal cooking, Kardea Brown has you covered. As the star of Delicious Miss Brown, Brown celebrates her Gullah heritage and explores the food culture of South Carolina, while showcasing the history and culture of this unique part of the United States (via Garden and Gun). According to Cuisine Noir Magazine, Brown's passion for this part of her heritage led her to take a leap of faith and star in a pilot that eventually launched her to Food Network fame. After countless weeks of hard work and sleepless nights, Brown found a way to take her love of cooking and Gullah culture to the mainstream. 

In a recent Instagram post, Brown posted a throwback status from 2017 as she tested the waters about potentially working in television. The status, reading, "Let's say I get my own cooking show...would you watch and what would you like to see on this show?" came with the caption, "Little did I know I'd be on season 4 of my show 4 years later. In 2017 this was just a dream.....so this goes to show you that dreams really do come true!"

Kardea Brown inspires us to follow our dreams

The caption of the post continued, stating, "BET ON YOURSELF...that's my advice to anyone pursuing a dream and or passion! Trust me when I say what's meant for you WILL NOT pass you by! And don't worry if it's taking a little longer than you expected. As the saying goes, 'Anything worth having is worth working for.' And when it finally happens for you....it'll stick around for a lifetime! So be patient and continue doing the work....the stars are aligning for you right now! Take my word for it, I'm living proof." 

Fans loved this message, with a ton of positive replies flooding the post, like "Words are very real! This is only the beginning!!" and "yo I can't even find words to describe on [sic] you went and got it!" Anyone who needs that extra push or piece of motivation could use some of Brown's positivity captured in the post. We can't wait to see what she has in store for us next and hope to see even more classic food get whipped up in her kitchen.