This Mexican Seasoning Changes Everything

Did you ever wish you could get in on the ground floor of a new food fad and be one of the cool kids who are the first to discover the next Sriracha or Cholula? Well, guess what? You may be in luck, at least if you live near a grocery store that carries a decent line of Mexican food products. Take a look at the dried spice blend section and see if you can't spot a small bottle labeled Tajín Clásico. If you can find it, grab it! Better yet, grab a couple! Seriously, you're going to want to put this stuff on everything.

So what's in Tajín seasoning? According to the product's website, it contains just three ingredients: mild chili peppers, lime, and sea salt. It has a fairly mild heat level, so it won't make your food incendiary, but that sweet/spicy/salty flavor combo is the perfect complement for almost anything you can think of. If heat is a deal-breaker, however, they do offer a habanero version, as well (via Tajin).

What can you do with Tajín?

Although Tajín has yet to grace the tables of every trendy eatery, it's not unknown outside bodegas and mercados. The New York Times gave this seasoning a write-up in 2019, noting that it was used on the Mexican corn served at Dodger Stadium, while L.A. Taco says that a salt-and-Tajín-rimmed mug is an integral part of the michelada. (It works well with bloody Marys and margaritas, too.)

As to how you can use it, Allrecipes suggests starting out by trying it in guacamole; sprinkled on grilled corn; or using it as part of a marinade or dry rub for poultry, fish, or meat. You can also sprinkle it on popcorn or fries, and Tajín-topped fresh melon or pineapple makes for an addictive treat. Of course, you simply can't make mangonadas without Tajín, but it's also pretty amazing sprinkled on paletas, ices, or sorbets. Disney actually offers Tajín as a seasoning for its Dole Whips (via Brit + Co), while Texas supermarket H-E-B has sold chocolate-dipped strawberries with Tajín (via Instacart). Ok, so you may not be the first person on Instagram to discover the delights of Tajín, but if you act now you could still be one of those foodie pioneers who catches on before it goes totally mainstream. Whether or not you ever earn that trendspotter scout badge, though, Tajín is a condiment well worth getting to know.