Dessert Bar Recipes For Any Occasion

When it comes to dessert options, dessert bars can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. There are so many ridiculously delicious desserts in the world that these seemingly humble bars can often be overlooked. However, when it comes to universal appeal, dessert bars are difficult to top. From a hoity-toity dinner party to a quick midnight snack you eat in your pajamas, this dessert is reliably a winner that is sure to please practically everyone.

Due to their handheld nature, dessert bars are easy to eat and easy to share. They also boast an aesthetically pleasing appearance and memorable flavors. Moreover, these treats remain yummy for days at a time. That means you don't have to go grab a fast food dessert when the urge strikes. Instead, you just need to walk into your kitchen to grab another scrumptious bar. It's possible that dessert bars are more central to the world of sweets than many of us realize.

No matter the occasion you have in mind, these six dessert bar recipes from Mashed will undoubtedly be a big hit and leave your taste buds in a state of happiness. They're also perfect for picnics, cookouts, dinner parties, and any other occasion where a colorful, incredibly tasty dessert bar will be a welcome addition to the menu.

Peanut butter ganache bars combine classic flavors

Everyone with a functioning sweet tooth can agree that chocolate and peanut butter is a match made in dessert heaven. If you love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, you will adore this recipe for peanut butter ganache bars. This chocolate and peanut butter pairing makes each and every bite nothing less than euphoric.

These dessert bars are made with easy to find ingredients including chocolate chips, heavy cream, confectioner's sugar, dark brown sugar, peanut butter, and two dozen sandwich cookies such as Oreos. Plus, with a combined prep and cook time that comes in at 15 minutes, followed by a mere hour to cool in the fridge, these dessert bars can be ready in seemingly no time.

No bake peanut butter bars make dessert easy

If you crave the goodness you get when you combine chocolate and peanut butter but you don't feel like dealing with your oven, you're in luck. This delectable recipe for no bake peanut butter bars is so easy that it will blow your mind. In fact, don't be surprised if this becomes your go-to recipe for dessert bars.

Instead of baking bars in your oven, all you need is your microwave, and that's just for the chocolate topping. After ten minutes of prep time, ten minutes of cook time, and two hours of cooling, these dessert bars will be ready to enhance any occasion.

Easy lemon bars are a summer classic

Whether you're entertaining guests or you're simply stuffing your face as you binge-watch your favorite television series, this easy lemon bars recipe is a surefire success story. From the zestiness of the lemon filling to the sweetness of the crust, the diversity of flavors will titillate your tongue. Not only do these lemon bars taste great, their bright yellow color is also a feast for your eyes.

This recipe makes 15 bars so there's plenty to go around — if you're planning to share, that is. With a classic recipe like this that combines sweet and sour into one lovely little bar, we wouldn't blame you if you kept a few in reserve for yourself.

Caramel apple pie dessert bars makes pie even better

If you want all the yumminess of an apple pie but in the form of a dessert bar, this recipe for caramel apple pie bars can deliver just that. The mix of caramel and apples will very likely remind you of the Affy Tapples that you may have cherished during your childhood. Even if you've somehow skipped out on the joy of a good caramel apple, rest assured that these dessert bars will hit the spot regardless. Remember to stock up on the apple pie spice, too, as you'll likely want to make this recipe a few times over.

If you're impatient, you'll be happy to learn that these dessert bars taste great just minutes after a trip to your oven, as there's no need to allow them to cool off.

Buttery cherry bars will delight your taste buds

For an explosion of flavor with every mouthful, follow this buttery cherry bars recipe. Each bite features sweet cherries, a tart crust, and the savory flavor that only butter can provide. Add it all together and these bars make for a splendid dessert that can add an exclamation point to the end of any meal. If you can, try to get local cherries when they're in season, as the flavor will be sure to blow you away when they feature in this dessert bar.

The buttery cherry bars can theoretically last up to three days in your refrigerator. That said, it's likely that they will all be eaten long before that point. They're just too good to sit around for very long.

Raspberry bars are great for any occasion

This raspberry bars recipe makes for a tasty treat that is surprisingly versatile. Sure, these bars can thrive as a dessert but they can be even more than that. They're flavorful enough to be an energizing breakfast to get you ready for what your day has in store, for one. They're also hearty enough to act as a filling snack in the middle of the afternoon when you've hit that dreaded 3:00 pm slump.

These raspberry bars are relatively easy to make because the recipe calls for raspberry jam rather than fresh raspberries. While the jam keeps things simple, your taste buds will agree that no flavor was sacrificed.