Aldi Fans Are Raving About This Cheese Spätzle

If you've never tried a traditional spätzle, you don't know what you've missed out on. According to Masterclass, these egg noodles with a dumpling-like texture originated from Southwest Germany and traditionally come served with peas, caramelized onions, cheese, breadcrumbs, and bacon after sautéing in butter until each noodle turns golden brown. If you find the dish in Hungary, sometimes these noodles come alongside a bowl of goulash and go great in casseroles. While we have no problem enjoying spätzle, finding these noodles at the grocery store can prove a bit tougher.

Luckily, Aldi and their Deutsche Kuche brand have come to the rescue. A redditor on r/aldi recently discovered that Aldi now sells cheese spätzle that comes packed with a cheese sauce, roasted onions, and mozzarella. Everyone on the thread who has tried it has found something to love about the product. One user claims, "We got that and schnitzel (with brown gravy) and had a very yummy dinner!" while another chimed in with, "Yes it's absolutely delicious. Really unhealthy and more salt than the ocean but still good as a treat!" When you need to treat yourself, you can't go wrong with this Aldi staple.

The perfect food to celebrate Germany

If you have searched far and wide for a new dish that even the pickiest eater can love, wait until you give this spätzle a shot. The noodles have an incredible track record. According to The Aldi Nerd, these particular noodles rank as one of the best German foods you can pick up on an Aldi run, and Aldi even offers up a signature recipe for the spätzle if you need an extra dose of inspiration (via Aldi). With so many culinary options at your fingertips, you can't go wrong when you pick up a bag of these time-tested egg noodles. 

When you want to put a new spin on your weekly menu, nothing makes more sense than incorporating this German staple into your routine. You definitely want to stock up on spätzle if you take a liking to it. After the German Week goods disappear from Aldi shelves, who knows if we can expect to see spätzle stick around. Don't take any chances and grab some before it's too late.