TikTok's Viral 'Twisted Bacon' Will Be The Crispiest Breakfast Of Your Life

At this point, most of us know that just seeing a cool-looking food hack on TikTok doesn't necessarily mean that the hack is a good idea for us to try out in real life. And, in most cases, the hack will be quickly replaced in a matter of days anyway. However, in a few cases, TikTok discovers a new recipe or technique that is not only worth trying out, but could become the new normal — and the twisted bacon trend might just be one of those (via TikTok).

The hack is simple: Twist your bacon up until it resembles some delicious DNA, lay it out on a baking sheet as normal, season it if you dare, and bake as normal at 375 F to 400 F for 30 to 40 minutes. According to TikToker Abby Durlewanger of @HouseofKeto, the twist technique allows you to fit an entire package of bacon on a single baking sheet, but that's not all (via TikTok). 

While, yes, twisted bacon is cool to look at (and makes for an amazing Bloody Mary garnish, according to Delish!), there's yet another reason to give this trick a try: It promises even crispier, chewier bacon since the twist results in more of the meat's surface area being exposed to the heat of the oven (via Delish). In fact, regardless of how you prefer your bacon, there's a twist for you.

How to make the perfect twisted bacon

If you're on team "chewy bacon," you can still make the most of this twisted technique, just adapt it slightly. According to TODAY, looser twists will result in a chewy consistency. But the outlet says, "For a crispier bite, twist the bacon tightly."

From there, Abby Durlewanger recommends seasoning your bacon, as you would any other meat, whether that's with everyone's favorite everything bagel seasoning, or something spicier like jalapeño or red chili, or even garlic herbs or lemon pepper, to really get the most flavor possible from your bacon.

Still not convinced? Check out the hashtag #twistedbacon on Instagram for some truly mouth-watering inspiration for just about every meal (via Instagram). Of course, eating twisted bacon at every meal might not be the healthiest choice. However, it can definitely be part of a healthy diet. After all, Durlewanger claims to have lost more than 130 pounds after five years of eating keto, including plenty of (twisted) bacon (via TODAY).