Where The Pioneer Woman's Daughter Plans To Live After Her Wedding

The Pioneer Woman is about to be a mother-in-law! Alex Drummond, her eldest daughter, is engaged to be married to Mauricio Scott, according to Alex's Instagram account. How did he pop the big question? Based on Alex's social media, it looks like Mauirico got down on one knee at the Nasher Sculpture Center in their home of Dallas, Texas, and to say she was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. The couple got engaged in early August of 2020.

Their wedding is around the corner, and according to the Pioneer Woman, a.k.a. Ree Drummond, everything is pretty much set. She has a venue (spoiler alert: it's the family ranch!), the band, the cake, and of course, a beautiful wedding dress, which she selected from Dallas-based bridal shop Warren Barrón Bridal (via The Pioneer Woman magazine). However, the question everyone wants to know is — where will these lovebirds be living? Will they stay in Dallas or move back home near the ranch?

They're still Texans ... for now

As part of her new #AskAlex series for The Pioneer Woman magazine, Alex Drummond took to the magazine's Instagram account to conduct a wedding Q&A with her fiance Mauricio Scott. When one follower asked where they would be living following the big day, Alex didn't hesitate to share they would be staying in Dallas, Texas.

"Our plan right now is to stay in Dallas, at least for the foreseeable future," she confirmed. However, Alex said there could be a move in their foreseeable future: "But I wouldn't say we'll be in Dallas forever. We might, we might not. We don't know yet."

The bride and groom added that Mauricio's family lives in Texas and they have several friends who live in the area so right now, the big-D is "a good place to be." Plus, Mauricio already has a job secured there too. While she does miss the family ranch and dogs, she says the city life is suiting them well now at this point in their lives.