What Chick-Fil-A Employees Wish People Understood About Menu Changes

In the world of fast food, one thing is inevitable — menu changes. Chick-fil-A recently started implementing some updates in order to streamline their service and allow for new menu items to be introduced, however the changes are causing serious uproar from fans online and in person (via Eat This, Not That). And it's largely because of upset over the axed menu items, including large-sized drinks and milkshakes, as well as bagels and decaf coffee. While these might seem like small tweaks, others see it as a much larger issue, even going as far as to blame and yell at employees that have no power over these corporate initiatives.

In response to some of this rage, Chick-fil-A employee and Reddit user u/hlturner pleaded with people on a recent Subreddit thread, "Please... PLEASE... Do not yell at the poor guy in the window, or the poor girl on iPads or [a] headset." They further reminded restaurant-goers that yelling at employees that are just trying to make an honest income (many working while going to high school or college) will not do anything to get menu items back. "You're just going to make them feel like garbage for something that they have no say in," they added. 

There's a better way to protest Chick-fil-A's menu changes

Of course, being courteous to employees that are just doing their jobs is a given. But that doesn't mean that Chick-fil-A fans can't make their voices heard regarding the new menu changes. Instead of yelling at individual restaurant workers, the original Reddit poster recommended a couple of other, more useful, options such as e-mailing the restaurant's corporate headquarters or sending a message to one of the chain's official social media accounts.

It seems some have taken the advice, too, with more purposeful comments being posted online. A recent Chick-fil-A Instagram post introducing the new Lemon Kale Caesar Salad elicited some feedback about the items that were nixed from the menu. One commenter lamented about bagels being removed from the breakfast menu and added that they might even start a petition or go to a competitor like McDonald's instead for their morning fix. Maybe the petition will actually work — but for now, it seems that bagels, decaf coffee, and large drinks are pieces of Chick-fil-A history. Don't be too sad though, there's a new brownie to check out (via Eat This, Not That)!