What You Need To Know About Chipotle's Viral 'Dragon Sauce' Hack

Looking for Chipotle nirvana? It seems like there are an endless number of "secret menu" tips and tricks to customize your Chipotle order (some popular options being the off-menu nachos, double decker tacos, and — of course — the quesarito, according to Wide Open Eats). The but the newest secret menu hack isn't actually a menu item, but a special sauce.

Fueling the flames of the latest TikTok secret menu hack trend is the Chipotle dragon sauce. While the sauce might not have guests seeing flames shoot out of their mouths on the first bite, the flavor combination does bring the heat. According to Elite Daily, to create this special sauce, foodies can simply combine the chain's tomatillo red-chili salsa with sour cream. On the Chipotle TikTok page, the brand shared a video of TikToker (and we're assuming Chipotle fan) @newt eating a "secret menu item" called the Quesadragon, which combines the (as of right now digital-only, according to Chipotle) chicken quesadilla with the viral dragon sauce. The TikToker also tops their bite with a little guacamole "for some brownie points." After taking a bite, @newt declares the mixture "so good," telling fans it is a must try.

You need to try Chipotle's secret menu dragon sauce

While some TikTok users in the comments of the brand's post criticized people for not thinking of this sauce combo before, others were blown away. One user reviewed the combo, commenting: "Got it for the first time yesterday, 10/10," while another felt so passionate, they needed to use all caps for their comment, "I TIRED IT [IT'S] SO GOOD."

TikTok user @domeniciniguez posted a TikTok review of the sauce, captioning the clip: "How did I not know about this?" Other users were quick to comment on the tip, "I didn't know I needed this until now. I tried it immediately and it changed my life," and "I know what to order tomorrow." Sounds like no matter how long Chipotle fans have know about the sauce for, everyone can agree it's a solid addition to their food. Whether this dragon sauce is used on the digital only quesadilla (via Chipotle), a burrito, or a bowl, the secret is officially out on this menu hack.