The Secret Item You Can Order At Chipotle

If you've stuck with Chipotle through thick and thin (including amazing guac as well as the rare food poisoning outbreak) and you still have not tried their secret menu, then it's time to change that (via Delish). While some debate the validity of Chipotle's popularity through trying orders like a Choose Your Own Adventure journey, many remain faithful to the chain for this reason alone (via Thrillist). Most eat at Chipotle for the sheer variety and quality food, from bowls to tacos to burritos.

When it comes to the secret menu items, however, it's up to the discretion of the employees as to whether or not you can get them, so it's important to keep your standby order in mind should you need it. In the meantime, try jazzing up your regular order with free fajita (read: grilled) vegetables or fresh cilantro for something slightly different that still stems from the secret menu (via Secret Menus).

What secret item to order at Chipotle

The in the early days of the Chipotle secret menu, the items included nachos, quesadillas, and double-wrapped burritos (the latter of which allowed you to go crazy with toppings without losing them thanks to a flimsy single tortilla). There are a few new items on the secret menu these days, though: the quesarito and the burritodilla (via Secret Menus).

According to Taste of Home, the quesarito mash-up consists of two favorites: a burrito wrapped up with a quesadilla. The warm and cheesy concoction is a melted delight with all of your favorite burrito toppings neatly enclosed. While it's a great combination, it does add up to be quite a large order, so if you have a smaller appetite, try the burritodilla. It's essentially the same thing without the first burrito tortilla. Basically, you'll receive a quesadilla with all your favorite toppings inside, rolled up into a burrito shape (via Cosmopolitan).

So judge your own "hangry" level and go from there to fill up on your order.