What You Can Expect To Eat At Dollywood's Flower And Food Festival

As the spring blossoms start to emerge, Dollywood invites guests to the Flower & Food Festival that delights with a bounty of delectable treats now through June 7, 2021. Located in the scenic foothills of the Great Smoky Mountain region of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and inspired by the legendary country singer Dolly Parton, Dollywood is a popular amusement park with 40 thrilling rides, a family-friendly waterpark, lush resort and spa, cozy cabins, and some of the finest dining in the region. 

As a Dollywood representative told Mashed.com, this is the second year of the Flower & Food Festival. While 2020 had to be pushed to a later time due to current health guidelines, this year's event is right on time for the spring and looks to capture the bright, beautiful season in all its glory. The event offers guests the chance to try a variety of plates from the park's multiple chefs while admiring the seasonal displays around the grounds. With the Festival Dining pass, guests can enjoy five entrees at various locations for a set price. Although there are more than 20 food and beverage options on the menu, all "inspired by spring in the Smokies" (per Businesswire), it can be hard to pick a favorite. 

The second year menu offerings, as seen on the Dollywood website, feature returning favorites and new dishes. For entrees, options range from traditional favorites like Barbecue Brisket Slider, Grilled Brisket Sausage, and Mountain Paella. In addition, the Seasonal Culinary Booths offer bolder flavors like Beef Bulgogi Nachos, Caribbean Jerk Chicken Wings, and Lobster Rolls. While the entrees provide a hearty meal, there are plenty of snacks, desserts, and beverages to be enjoyed, too. One of the highlights includes the Lemon Curd & Blueberry Liege Waffle, which combines crispy sugar edges, tart lemon curd, luscious chantilly cream, and fresh blueberries with a delicate topping of edible flavors. 

Drinks are just as tempting at Dollywood's Flower & Food Festival

While the bountiful entrees and tasty snacks at Dollywood's Flower & Food Festival are a feast, the beverages are just as vibrant in color and flavor. Taking advantage of the floral connection, the specialty drinks feature edible flowers. On a warm spring day, lemonade can be a refreshing choice — and the festival's fruit-infused options are quite delightful. The Blood Orange Lemonade blends the sweet tang of citrus with a hint of raspberry and would be delicious with some of the spicy dishes, like the Caribbean Jerk Chicken Wings.

Also, Dollywood has several agua frescas available. This Mexican-inspired drink, sometimes referred to as a "cool water" or "fresh water," is a light and refreshing beverage that starts with water and features fruit that's squeezed or blended in (via The Spruce Eats). On the Dollywood menu, combinations like watermelon lime and strawberry hibiscus showcase a sweet, yet bright pairing. Whether enjoyed while taking a break from the theme park attractions or sipped slowly while enjoying the view of the floral displays, these beverages are a must-try.

Dollywood's Flower & Food Festival runs through June 7, 2021. The event is included with theme park admission but food and beverage purchases, including the dining pass, are separate. Please check the Dollywood website for current health and safety precautions.