Costco Shoppers Are Loving This Frozen Beef Bulgogi Mandu

There is no denying that Korean cuisine is full of excellent dishes. Many people can't get enough authentic Korean meals, but fans of the food might sometimes find it difficult to replicate some of their favorite dishes at home. Mandu, which is a Korean-style dumpling, is a delicious and incredibly versatile food that is popular with many fans of Korean cuisine, but it can be time consuming to prepare in your own kitchen. Luckily, that's where Costco comes in. They are now selling a frozen beef bulgogi mandu that tastes just like the real thing.

The tasty Korean-style dumplings are filled with an authentic beef bulgogi that is tender, sweet, and a little smokey, and according to Costco shoppers, the mandu has all the rich, authentic flavor one could hope for, without any of the hassle it takes to prepare the dish from scratch. A Reddit user was so impressed with their purchase, they made a post on social media simply captioning the frozen beef bulgogi mandu: "Delicious!"

Costco shoppers couldn't stop raving about the beef bulgogi mandu on social media

Based on the Reddit responses, they were far from alone in their opinion. "I lived in Korea, and can confirm, these are THEE BEST mandu I've ever tasted," on user raved. A different redditor agreed, writing, "We love these! We adore Korean food, especially bulgogi." Another admitted, "I ate the entire bag by myself in 4 days." More satisfied Costco shoppers chimed in to share their favorite ways of enjoying the item. "Drop two of these into an instant ramen and you're set," they suggested, while another recommended, "Slightly steamed and browned with a little butter – yum!" It seems no matter how you like to enjoy it, this mandu is sure to satisfy.

Some other helpful social media users pointed out that Costco also has mandu available in chicken, veggie, and pork flavors, and if they are anything like this popular beef bulgogi mandu, they are sure to be a crowd pleaser as well. So, if you happen to see a bag of frozen mandu the next time you are at your local Costco, don't hesitate to give them a try — you won't be disappointed.