The Best Egg Recipes Of 2021

Eggs are super-healthy, and when you eat them every day, your hair, eyes, and bones, among other body parts will thank you. Or maybe they're not so healthy because they're high in cholesterol – but then again, a recent study told us that eggs are critical to infant development. How about we just let the scientists continue that debate? But while they do, make no mistake, we'll be right over here, scrambling some eggs, or maybe poaching them instead, or better yet, turning them into omelets and egg salad and easy one-pan meals, all while whipping up the whites into desserts that you'll have trouble believing actually began as egg whites. 

Regardless of what the latest scientific study may say, we know how we feel about eggs. They not only taste great, but eating them in any form leaves us satisfied for hours. Whether you prefer the white, the yolk, or both, none ever has to go to waste. And even the shells can come in handy. Plus, even when eggs get past their expiration date, they're still great for a number of purposes. So, we're going to keep on eating eggs until someone tells us we shouldn't, which we predict will never happen, since it seems every time a study comes out that calls eggs into question, another one follows soon after that vindicates our love, which is where we seem to be at this point in time. Whether you want to perfect your scramble or want to explore eggs beyond breakfast, you'll enjoy these best egg recipes of 2021.

The best scrambled eggs recipe you've ever tried

Every chef out there has their own favorite way of making scrambled eggs, and who are we to argue with any of them? Still, in the interest of simplifying our morning routine, we decided it would be a good idea to identify the perfect, basic scrambled eggs recipe. Its one that delivers creamy, fluffy scrambled eggs while also offering commentary to help us to understand why it works as well as it does. That's what we found here in this best scrambled eggs recipe you've ever tried, guaranteed, or your money back.

The classic omelet recipe you'll make all the time

Like scrambled eggs, every cooking expert seems to have their own recipe for what they see as the "perfect" omelet. But what is exactly the "perfect" omelet? That really depends upon your own personal preference. Some people are all about the French "omelette," which the original celebrity chef, Julia Child, perfected. Others prefer to focus on the filling. Our preference is for an omelet so perfectly cooked it can stand on its own while also being able to stand up to any filling. This classic omelet recipe serves both purposes.

The Best Eggs Benedict Recipe You've Ever Tried

Eggs Benedict are a brunch-lover's dream, but is it worth making them yourself? While we might have had a different answer a year prior, but in our current era, it's a definite yes. Thanks to COVID-19, dining out has become fraught, and Sunday brunch might not be worth the risk. But ordering eggs Benedict through GrubHub or DoorDash might not be the best option either. Despite your delivery person's best efforts, it's likely you won't get that perfectly poached egg on a crispy-edged muffin with Hollandaise that's perfectly saucy. Fortunately, you can get all of that from this recipe for the best eggs Benedict recipe you've ever tried.

The Best Breakfast Casserole Recipe That Will Get Your Day Off To An Amazing Start

There are quite a few mistakes you might make when cooking eggs, but turning them into a breakfast casserole is likely not one of them — nor is turning them into a casserole for lunch or dinner. In fact, the only issue you might have with this breakfast casserole recipe is what you'll want to call it when you serve it for both lunch and dinner — because once you make it, your family will relentlessly request it at all times of day. And better yet, you can use veggie sausage if you prefer (and instructions are provided if you choose to go this route). Trust us, this is the hearty breakfast casserole that does it all.

The Egg Muffin Recipe That Will Start Your Morning Right

Whoever said "muffins are just cake for breakfast" obviously never tried Maren Epstein's recipe for egg muffins. As she told Mashed, they have almost zero carbs, and "most of the calories come from protein and a bit of fat from the yolk." And, of course, you can use egg whites in place of eggs, although frankly, we really like egg yolks — not just for their potential health benefits, but also for both their satisfying flavor and their beautiful punch of color. Speaking of which, here is why American eggs are not as brightly colored as eggs from other countries.

The Egg Salad Recipe You'll Make Again and Again

The Konbi-inspired obsession with egg salad that began trending in the U.S. in 2019 is nothing short of delicious — and not to mention, affordable. The only problem is that with so many egg salad recipes out there, it can be difficult to know which one should be your go-to. Some of that depends upon whether you're looking for an American classic or a new-fangled foreign variation. Our inclination is to begin with the American classic — this egg salad recipe, which you'll make again and again. And if it ever gets in the slightest bit boring, here are a whole bunch of simple upgrades for your egg salad.

This Croque Madame Is The Most Amazing Sandwich You've Ever Tasted

There are two schools of thought on the French brunch classic, the croque madame. The first is that a croque madame is basically nothing more than a croque monsieur topped with a fried egg. The other is, who cares, just make me, please. Either way, you can't go wrong with this recipe and tutorial on the ultimate croque madame sandwich. To perfect it further, be sure to consult this primer on how to make a perfect fried egg (just be aware, it could lead to you losing your amateur status). 

This Cobb Salad Recipe Will Level Up Your Lunch

Whoever made up the saying that "nothing good ever happens after midnight" clearly never heard the origin story of the iconic Cobb salad, which was basically the midnight snack fever-dream of the restaurateur behind that storied Hollywood landmark, the Brown Derby. Thanks to the good work of Mr. Robert Cobb, since 1937, we Americans have been able to combine bacon-and-eggs with chicken-and-avocado and a little blue cheese while still managing to legitimately claim that we only ate a salad for lunch. Want to make one yourself? Here's the one and only Cobb salad recipe you'll ever need.

Egg Drop Soup You Can Make In 30 MInutes

Unlike General Tso's chicken, egg drop soup is authentically Chinese. In fact, it's a household staple in China that has been around for so long that it literally has no origin story, according to Chinese American blogger, Diana Xin. While it's available at basically every Chinese restaurant in America, the advantage of making it yourself is how much fun it is to whisk raw eggs into ribbons. Here's the egg drop soup recipe that will get the job done in under 30 minutes.

This Classic Chaffle Recipe Is Surprisingly Easy

Food historians credit Thomas Jefferson with bringing the waffle to America in 1790s (via PBS). It's unclear who invented the chaffle, which looks like a waffle but is high in protein, low in carbs, and has cheese as one of it's main ingredients, but we certainly know a good chaffle recipe when we see one. This chaffle recipe has a mere four ingredients and is ridiculously easy to prepare. And although it certainly makes for a wonderfully savory meal, it's also really delicious with syrup, honey, or a dusting of confectioner's sugar. 

This Shakshuka Recipe Is So Much Simpler Than You Thought

In case you're not familiar with shakshuka, consider it to be your ticket to the simplest, most flavorful poached eggs you might ever make. Hailing from North Africa, shakshuka starts with a sauté of bell peppers, onions, garlic, and a warm blend of spices. Diced tomatoes are then added, turning the sauté into a broth, which then serves as the liquid in which eggs are poached to perfection. Get the super-easy, one-skillet recipe here

Amazing Pavlova You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Pavlova is undoubtedly one of the best desserts you've never heard of. Although it is made with egg whites whipped to the point of stiffness, pavlova isn't your typical meringue. Whereas meringue is crispy and dry all the way through, pavlova is almost magically moist on the inside. Of course, its not magic — but it is a matter of having the right recipe. And luckily, we've got it, and now you do too. Without further ado, here is the wonderful pavlova you'll wish you'd tried sooner.