Rome's Fresh Pizza Vending Machine Is Causing A Stir

When you imagine a vending machine, you probably think of the contraption dispensing candy or chips. In this day and age, entrepreneurs have taken these automatic kiosks to the next level. According to HuffPost, these machines now feature foods ranging from fresh eggs, lettuce, fully constructed burritos, live crabs, and hot dogs, among many more outlandish items. Now, anyone craving a pizza may have seen the specialized vending machines that can construct your very own personalized pizza (via Pizza Forno). These pizza vending machines have popped up in some unexpected locations and now plan to challenge the Italian culinary scene.

According to Reuters, Romans can now interact with these food dispensers that help customers build their ideal pizza. The appearance of these machines have stunned the local populace and many who live in the pizza capital of the world can't fathom how this device made it to their city. The Mr. Go Pizza Machine kneads the dough in front of patrons and can create a final product with four potential toppings for a price tag ranging from $5.20 to $7.20 (via Reuters). Some have found the machine convenient, but many have yet to warm up to the device.

A pizza vending machine that has divided Italians

Some pizza enthusiasts say the device doesn't make proper pizza, and that the final product resembles a Northern Italian piadina more than a pizza (via Reuters). Others claim the final product tastes fine, but shouldn't receive the label of pizza. Some find the device okay and said it can create a decent product if you have no time to sit down and enjoy a meal. The device has some obstacles to overcome if it plans to make its way into the hearts of local residents. According to CNN, the vending machine sits within close proximity to a time-tested Napoletana pizzeria, making for the culinary turf war of the century.

With a dark horse pizza option like this now challenging traditional restaurants, a new era of convenient dining may have hit Italy. Only time can tell if locals warm up to this pizza-making newcomer in their community.