The Unusual Way Aldi Has Tried To Sell Bread In Europe

Many would agree that one of the best imports from Europe is the German grocery chain, Aldi, known for its affordable everyday deals and high-quality products. Over the years, Aldi has tried several methods to appeal to its customers and keep them coming back for more. For example, Aldi has a bunch of house brands, including a gluten-free line, a chicken and pork line, and more (via Food 52). Of course, this has been done to ensure that customers can find a variety of products in one place without feeling the need to look elsewhere.

By the way, when it comes to buying bread at Aldi, its customers have had some interesting experiences that can be best described as unusual and offbeat. Confused? We're spilling all the details! Read on to know exactly what the brand has been up to. You'll definitely be surprised.

Say hello to vending machines

As reported by PopSugar, Aldi came up with baking ovens for bread that were ... believe it or not, vending machines. They could instantaneously serve warm bread to customers. In fact, the slogan for this ambitious exercise was fairly straightforward too: "fresh out of the oven — direct into the bag." So, how exactly does this process work? Basically, the machines serve bread quickly and conveniently, warming partially baked dough in a matter of seconds. Interestingly, Germany's bakers weren't too pleased with this development and protested against Aldi's move, implying that the baking ovens could endanger their livelihoods. 

Meanwhile, shoppers went online to voice their thoughts on this development. A commentator wrote, "That is the greatest thing I've ever seen." Meanwhile, another Reddit user said that they were so impressed, they were immediately moving to Germany. Another excited commentator added, "I remember these [machines] from my last two visits to Germany! No one believes me when I tell them about the magical bread maker! It's wonderful and now I want a fresh pretzel." Drool!