The Pioneer Woman's Mother-Of-The-Bride Dress Was Actually Inspired By 'The Real Housewives'

Fans of The Pioneer Woman couldn't have missed her daughter's recent wedding. According to Today, Ree Drummond's firstborn daughter just had a dream wedding on the family ranch; she even got walked down the aisle by her father (who recently sustained injuries both from a car crash and from getting kicked in the head by a cow earlier in the week). Everyone noticed the bride's wedding dress, a strapless garment that featured a long, flowing skirt and sweetheart neckline (via The Pioneer Woman). Drummond loved the wedding dress, stating that it looked incredibly feminine and beautiful, and twirled effortlessly during the couples dances. 

However, The Pioneer Woman's daughter had some competition for best-dressed. According to The Pioneer Woman's blog, Drummond's mother-of-the-bride gown got some attention, thanks to some influence from "The Real Housewives." Drummond, a fan of the reality television show, took inspiration from a moment in "The Real Housewives of New York" when Luann walked the runway wearing a Jovani dress. Dorinda, who wore the same brand in the audience, couldn't take the sight and the dress caused the two to drift apart.

A dress to drool over

This iconic moment served as inspiration for Drummond's own choice to sport a Jovani dress to the wedding (via The Pioneer Woman). Drummond searched through the brand's catalogue until she found the ultimate garment: a dress featuring a nude shell, topped with a blue scroll pattern. The sleeves looked elegant, as they had length that resembled a cape or shawl featuring a sheer material that blended into the shoulders of the outfit. Overall, it created a stunning impression that paid homage to"The Real Housewives" in a way any fan of the show could respect.

Next time you plan your wedding outfit, you can follow The Pioneer Woman's lead and pick out a dress inspired by your favorite television personalities to make a splash. Her dress turned a few heads on its own, and could match the twirl potential of Drummond's daughter's wedding gown. All in all, the wedding turned out beautifully, thanks to the help of great outfits.