Accidents You Didn't Know The Pioneer Woman's Family Has Had

What accidents has The Pioneer Woman's family had? Food and television personality, Ree Drummond — more popularly known as The Pioneer Woman – is a delightful icon who has a plethora of fans. As per her website, she first began working on her blog "on a whim," and didn't predict that it would blow up the way it did. "Fifteen years later, I can't believe I'm still here," she revealed. Ree's content is versatile and explores a variety of topics such as food, lifestyle, family, wellness, and more.

By the way, The Pioneer Woman doesn't shy away from talking about her family and introducing her fans to life at the family ranch. This was especially relevant during the pandemic, when the family was isolating and found ways to both help each other and film Ree's show, The Pioneer Woman, at home. This has been extremely amusing for Ree's fans as they watch her and her family have fun on camera and engage in a series of harmless pranks.

Life can get tricky on the ranch at times

Perhaps not surprisingly, things can get a little out of hand sometimes at The Pioneer Woman's ranch. Indeed, the Drummond family has had to respond to accidents in the past, but they're a resilient lot and have always found ways to bounce back. As per CheatSheet, Ree has revealed that injuries aren't exactly rare on the family ranch and everyone has been affected at some point. For example, one time, Ree gave herself an accidental shot of a vaccine that's supposed to be given to pigs. Yikes! Luckily, there were no side effects.

Recently, Ree's husband, Ladd Drummond, ended up in a scary accident when his vehicle hit his nephew's vehicle; his neck was hurt in the incident. Ouch. By the way, the Drummond kids have had accidents too. For example, the couple's son, Bryce Drummond, once suffered from a concussion when he fell off a horse. Also, when Paige Drummond was 7 years old, she got hurt after she cut herself on a bottle of beer. Eek. Life's not easy on the ranch, huh?

These accidents can be rather painful to handle

As per CheatSheet, no matter how careful the Drummond family is, accidents on the ranch do take them by surprise every now and then. Consider this example: one of Ree's kids, Todd Drummond, has already been involved in several incidents. One time, when Todd was out on a dark night with the family's dogs, he ended up sprinting straight into a wired fence. Oh no — that must've hurt so bad! On another occasion, Todd got injured when he had a mishap with a cattle wormer.

Additionally, Todd had to get stitches when he got hurt thanks to a nail — and that's not all! Todd also had an accident with a flamethrower. Also, Ladd had a rather painful injury when he dislocated his finger during a regular horse riding session. 

The Pioneer Woman also had a pretty major accident; she hurt her ankle after a pipe that weighed 200 pounds hit her leg. And as it turns out, Ree's ankle has suffered more than once. She also sprained it on the ranch in a previous mishap! The accident occurred when she walked into a hole that was previously a tree on the premises. Uh oh!

The Pioneer Woman is strong

After her husband and nephew's accident, Ree took some time out to make sure that they were OK. She also ensured that she wrote a blog post to keep her fans posted about everything that went on as the family waited for the duo to get better. Ree wrote that she's grateful for the help her family has received during these tough times.

The Pioneer Woman made an emotionally moving revelation when she said that her children, Alex and Paige Drummond, asked her about her mental health. Ree wrote that she felt strong enough to deal with everything that was happening. "After all, we women are Steel Magnolias," she explained. "Dealing with unexpected family happenings like this simply comes with the territory." Ree added that she's lived through a lot as a wife, mom, daughter, and sister. She reckons that these responsibilities have given women like her the strength to get through difficult situations without falling apart. 

The Pioneer Woman has not lost her sense of humor at all, by the way. Ree urged her fans to reach out to her if they need her to assist with any battles. "My energy is fully engaged and I am happy to assist," she joked. "Better take me up on it before I decide I need a nap."