The Internet Is Obsessed With These Adorable Frog Cakes

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, there's a new trend sweeping across social media. And apparently, it's taking a page from an early pandemic food trend. According to Munchies, frog cakes are the latest food obsession on both Instagram and TikTok, which harkens to the days of frog bread, or bread shaped like the little green creatures.

Whether people have given up on their sourdough starters or simply needed a new hobby to try out, frog cake seems to be the replacement. But, the trend really just began in October making it an almost overnight internet hit. Claire Ma, the Chicago baker behind the Instagram account @OracleBakery, began piping her froggy cakes then and people have been baking in her style ever since it seems. 

Ma told Munchies, "[frogs] are kind of derpy-looking so I feel like people can really relate to that. But honestly, another reason why I started frogs is [that] they're really easy to pipe — when you think about the anatomy of an icing frog, it's a blob of icing with two eyes on top." It's certainly an approachably cute style that's easy for new bakers to achieve.

The latest cake is to croak for

The most recent frog cake to grace the @OracleBakery Instagram page depicts two frogs sitting on top of the cake singing karaoke. Ma posted it on Thursday, January 14, and captioned it, "froggy+karaoke=karaCROAKe." It's almost too cute to stand, right? Everyone seems to think so with about 35,000 likes on that single frog cake photo alone.

Her fans were quick to chime in with their love for her work too. One wrote, "so cuuute!!" Another follower said, "SO CUTE. pass me that tambourine." Someone else simply asked, "May I frame this?" Other followers wanted to share how happy Ma's work made them. A comment read, "These cakes fill me with such happiness and contentment thank you so much." But the comment that really seems to prove her fans' dedication to her work said, "I have ur posting schedule memorized by now just so i have these absolute GORGEOUS cakes to look [forward] to weekly." So, if you're looking to try something new or just want a sweet and adorable thread to browse on social, it's time you look up frog cakes.