Why Giada De Laurentiis Thinks More People Should Eat More Anchovies

Anchovies, anyone? These little fish always get a bad reputation — and because they have a strong scent and a very salty flavor, they're often dismissed or overlooked. But you might want to start eating more anchovies, says Giada De Laurentiis — and who are we to argue with her? Even better, if you don't know how to incorporate them in your dishes, the celebrity chef (an admitted huge fan) has a few ideas. 

On her lifestyle website Giadzy, De Laurentiis heaps tons of praise on the fish, saying, " We're here to make the case for anchovies, and why you ought to give them a chance: they're affordable, full of umami, and you just need a little bit to bring on the punch of big flavor." 

If you don't want to use whole anchovies, there's also anchovy paste that easily adds tons of flavor. As De Laurentiis told Bon Appétit, "Anchovy paste adds a certain salty, depth of flavor that is hard to replicate with any other ingredient. Bonus: It easily dissolves right into oil so people don't even have to know it's there." Just mix it into a sauce or dressing and dinner guests won't even know — though you can be sure they'll be raving about it.

There are plenty of ways you can use anchovies

If you're ready to try anchovies but need some extra inspiration, De Laurentiis' Giadzy site is a good place to start where you can follow her personal recipes. For example, she recommends some pasta dishes to spice up with the addition of the fish, including a recipe for Linguine With Anchovy and Walnuts or one for a Garlic Anchovy Pasta, which she terms one of her "pantry pastas."

For anyone who might be put off by how fishy the taste is, Food Network has put together a convenient list of anchovy recipes that aren't dominated by the flavor profile. It includes a traditional Caesar salad (lest you forget anchovies are in the dressing!), a cauliflower, olive, and tomato pizza, some flank steak, and roasted mushrooms with an anchovy butter, among other options. Bon Appétit also has a long list of recipes for pastas, vinaigrette, and even toast that use anchovies and sardines if you're ready to get exploring. 

Still not convinced that anchovies are for you? Learn about other types of fish you can add to your diet to reap the rewards.