The TV Show Adam Richman Would Love To Host Next

TV personality Adam Richman has fascinated scores of viewers with his show, "Man V. Food." But creating the crazy episodes has never been an easy ride and required Richman to push himself in many ways for the unbelievable food challenges on the show, including consuming massive quantities or eating extremely spicy dishes

Richman has even managed to shoot episodes while being sick and battling serious symptoms. For example, in one of the episodes, the host had a 101-degree fever thanks to a bronchial and sinus infection yet stayed strong through the entire experience to try to eat a full breakfast burrito that has been called the "fattiest food in Colorado" (via Westword).

To help with the production process, Richman told The Guardian in an interview that he'd consciously prepare before filming episodes, explaining, "There may have been some discomfort here and there but I'd always prepare. Usually I would do a cleanse after the challenge and then get right on the treadmill." A smart man, indeed.

Richman wants to take on another new challenge

As noted by Distractify, Adam Richman stopped being a part of Man V. Food in 2012 after four years on the show. He decided to stop competitive eating completely and said, "I am out of the food challenge game and while I love how that phenomenon has caught hold worldwide, and love hearing about your culinary conquests — I have 'hung up my competitive fork' so to speak."

However, the TV personality is an ambitious man. He went on to work in several other television shows such as "Man Finds Food," "Adam Richman's Fandemonium," and "Adam Richman's Best Sandwich in America" (via IMDB). And recently he took to Twitter to reveal the show he'd like to host in the near future. He wrote, "I really, REALLY want to host Jeopardy." Richman's fans are definitely on board with this idea as the show has been booking guest hosts in the wake of the passing of late host Alex Trebek. One could barely contain their enthusiasm writing, "Yes please! This man knows so much about a broad range of topics. He would be AMAZING!"