Martha Stewart Says This Was Her Greatest Culinary Mishap

Everyone has those *awkward* moments, whether they're in the workplace, on a date, at home, or what have you. Even culinary genius Martha Stewart has suffered a few mishaps and misadventures in (and out of) the kitchen. While some professionals may feel like they have to be on 24/7, all the time, Stewart does not. In fact, she's perfectly fine admitting that she, too, grocery shops in the frozen food aisle. Not only that, but she recently revealed that her guests aren't always subject to her homemade cooking. Yes, that's right people: Martha Stewart serves her guests pre-packaged, pre-made food — sometimes.

Earlier this month she told People that her greatest culinary mishap came down to frozen croissants and a faulty oven. "I had a guest stay overnight and I wanted to serve beautiful Ladurée croissants and the gas for the oven didn't get turned on so the croissants were still frozen by the time the guest came for breakfast," she exclaimed. To help pass the time, Stewart said she busied herself making additional breakfast foods such as eggs.

Martha Stewart has great taste when it comes to her favorite frozen foods.

Frozen croissants aside, Martha Stewart "is all about easy entertaining" per her flagship magazine, Martha Stewart. Sometimes, easy entertaining looks like keeping the cookbooks on the shelf and the mixing cups and bowls in the pantry.

In her virtual appearance on People, the "A New Way to Bake" cookbook author spilled the tea on one of her favorite frozen food items: coffee-flavored ice cream. "I eat ice cream sometimes from the freezer aisle," she divulged. Stewart is known for her homemade churned ice cream, with recipes ranging from flavors like banana-caramel, strawberry, and orange. However, picking up a carton of ice cream is always much simpler than pulling out the ice cream maker. Martha Stewart magazine also noted that you can always find a bottle of vodka in her freezer, too.

Freshly baked croissants aren't a daily breakfast occurrence at Stewart's household, but can you blame her for wanting to treat her guests to the very best? The Parisian tea room and bakery, Ladurée, has been around since 1862, according to its website. How can you compete with that?