How Worst Cooks In America's Domaine Javier Really Feels About Chef Anne Burrell

Domaine Javier made a splash among viewers by competing on the show "Worst Cooks in America." The talented transgender cook told Food Sided that she was incredibly grateful to the Food Network for giving her such a massive platform. Javier explained that she's always trying to promote inclusion and diversity in everything she does. "I am hoping that I get to continue the work that I've done so far and emphasize the ongoing need for these virtues to be championed," the chef explained.

As a participant on the tough competition series, Javier said that she had to use all of her skills just to survive on the show. The cook explained to the Los Angeles Daily News that she was determined to learn and was grateful for the experience. "I came there to slice and slay and filet and it was very stressful, but it was very very rewarding," she said. "I have learned so much during my time in the boot camp." Javier also admitted that working with notable chef, Anne Burrell, was an eye-opener (via Food Sided). 

Domaine Javier admires how the celebrity chef works with contestants

Javier said that Burrell is quite considerate as a person, even if she appears strict and difficult to please on television. She compared Burrell to a high school teacher and said, "Chef Anne is like one of those instructors in high school who say that they will fail you if you continue to submit late and incomplete assignments, but actually appreciates you submitting assignments alone and gives you a passing grade anyways" (via Food Sided).

She further said that Burrell is compassionate and isn't able to completely conceal that even though she tries to come across as stern with participants on "Worst Cooks in America." As someone who has been a part of two editions of the show, Javier also appreciates the fact that she gets to learn from stalwarts like Burrell and Michael Symon. She believes that the duo really complement each other as mentors.