How Worst Cooks' Domaine Javier Really Feels About Her Food Network Experience

One of the most interesting shows on the Food Network is Worst Cooks in America. The show is exactly as it sounds: it puts a number of contestants together and challenges them to do something they're not quite great at doing: cooking food. Of course, the participants on the show do undergo training that's supposed to help them survive in the kitchen. The winner on the show is deemed to be the best chef among the lot. The show is undoubtedly popular and has managed to find a target audience. And why not? There's entertainment, drama, food, a tough contest, and more. 

A participant who was appreciated by many fans of the show was Domaine Javier, a transgender rights activist and nurse. A fan praised her on Reddit, writing, "Can't say I'm surprised at how well-spoken she is. The girl has SEVEN college degrees! That's probably why she never learned how to cook, she didn't have the time!" They added that they reckon Javier is really witty and comes with some of the "best zingers" on the show. But it's one thing to enjoy watching the show and another to be the person people enjoy watching. So how did Javier feel about the experience?

Domaine Javier expect to get any more chances

Domaine Javier was glad to have been part of the show, but she didn't expect to get anything more out of it. She spoke about her experience with the Riverside City College newspaper, Viewpoints in an interview, explaining how she felt when she was eliminated from Worst Cooks in America. "Back then, I thought that my Food Network journey had come to a conclusion. I was grateful for the opportunity and I was ready to move on," she said.

However, there was more in store. Her fans couldn't get enough of her and this resulted in a different opportunity: she was asked to make a return on the Food Network. This time around, she was offered a spot on the show, Dirty Dishes, which Javier described as "so fun to be a part of." One might argue that Javier attributed the achievement to the power of friendship. In her words, "'fans' are just friends that we've never personally met."

Javier is super ambitious. She revealed that she would also love to play a role in a superhero film, given the chance. Hey, nothing is impossible, right?