This Trick Can Make Your Fruit Yogurt Even More Nutritious

You can do a lot with Greek yogurt, but it's delicious on its own and is a healthy option for breakfast. There's a difference between Greek yogurt and plain old yogurt, but both have health benefits. According to The University of Tennnessee Medical Center, Greek yogurt is healthier because it has more protein and less sodium and carbs, but regular yogurt has more calcium. But if you think that buying Greek yogurt or regular yogurt with fruit added gives you more nutritional value, think again.

Suzanne Fisher, a registered dietician and licensed nutritionist told Prevention, "Fruity yogurts can contain upwards of six teaspoons of sugar per serving. A better choice is to buy plain Greek yogurt and mix it with your own fresh or frozen unsweetened fruit."

Not sure what kind of fruit to add to your yogurt? Think about adding produce that's in season — for example, peaches are a wonderful fruit for the summer.

What else can you add to your yogurt?

Eating plain yogurt doesn't mean you have to give up sweeteners entirely. While fruit has plenty of natural sweetness, if you want something more, Women's Health recommends adding honey. Women's Health spoke to dieticians to find out what healthy additions you can sprinkle on your yogurt, and their list includes plenty of fruit suggestions, as well as crunchy items like nuts and cacao nibs. Nuts and cacao nibs can add more texture to your morning breakfast.

For anyone who wants to have a protein-packed breakfast, Shape has a number of yogurt bowl combinations that also include a serving of fruit. Mixing and matching fruits with other toppings will elevate your yogurt to the next level, and you can try a new combo every morning.

If you don't want to eat your Greek yogurt plain or with toppings, there's still so much more you can do with it, like using it to make a marinade. Find out more ways to incorporate Greek yogurt into your diet here.