Here's How To Get Cast On Crazy Delicious

When it comes to whimsically wacky cooking shows, Netflix's "Crazy Delicious" pretty much has the lock (although Food Network's "Happy Fun Bake Time" is a formidable contender). "Crazy Delicious," on which three "daring home chefs" tempt "the food gods" with "reinvented classics and fanciful feasts in their quest to win a golden apple" (via Neflix), features Michelin-starred chef Heston Blumenthal, Top Chef's Carla Hall, and Nordic chef and "BBQ Maestro" Niklas Ekstedt (via The Hotel Culture) as the aforementioned "food gods." 

What is at stake is, as alluded to above, a literal "golden apple" (i.e., a golden apple-shaped trophy, via Cinemaholic). As we said, when the show first debuted in the U.S. (it aired first in the U.K.), "While we may have seen cooking contests before, we haven't seen one which is shot on an edible set which features edible blossoms, chocolate soil, and a prosecco stream, and from where contestants are allowed to forage for some of their ingredients." Oh, and let us not forget that the show's presenter is British comic Jayde Adams, whose sense of humor pairs perfectly with the show's offbeat vibe, as you can see from the show's trailer (via Netflix).

So, if you are up for a cooking challenge that is not like any of the others you have seen and promises accolades, honor, and a fruit-shaped trophy for the winner, then here is how you can be cast on Netflix's "Crazy Delicious."

Surprisingly, the Crazy Delicious casting process might be somewhat high pressure

"For this first unscripted Channel 4 and Netflix [joint venture], the ambition was to create a bold new format that would feel fresh and different," Nicola Pointer, one of the executive producers for "Crazy Delicious" wrote in a profile of the show for Broadcast. "We brought in experts from the worlds of entertainment, food and competition shows to create a cross-genre series that is bold, fresh and channels Willy Wonka."

Pointer was talking about the four permanent cast members, host Jayde Adams and "food gods" Heston Blumenthal, Carla Hall, and Niklas Ekstedt. But if you would like to appear as a contestant on this genre-bending cooking show that has a set that looks as if it might have come from the psychedelically-creative minds who brought 70's kids' favorite, The Magic Garden, you are obviously going to have to be able to hold your own amid three of television's most creative and esoteric, not to mention culinarily-gifted, personalities. 

And while that certainly promises fun for any competitor, it also requires grace under pressure. As Pointer said of the casting process for this show, whose inspiration came from the "world of #foodporn and home cooks posting incredible dishes on Instagram," a casting priority was to "flush out the characters who could cook well under pressure." Not surprisingly, this was something of a tall order and involved "several schedule-busting rounds of auditions." Nevertheless, "this scrutiny was essential."