Costco's Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes Have Shoppers Drooling

If you thought Reese's Peanut Butter Cups were "two great tastes that taste great together," then you've likely internalized a lot of 1970s commercials (via YouTube). But the classic combination of chocolate and peanut butter might have nothing on Costco's Kirkland Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes. Costco shoppers virtually drooled over a recent post about the sweet snack on Reddit. "Oh happy day. Look what is back in stock," the user wrote. The accompanying photo showed a cardboard box full of chocolate drenched mangoes in large bags.

A Reddit user from the Midwest responded to the post, saying they couldn't wait until the chocolate covered mangoes showed up at their store. "These things are my favorite chocolatey snack," they wrote. For a couple Redditors, Kirkland's Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes are almost too good. "This is the worst best news. I hope my Costco has and doesn't have these," one wrote. "This is dangerous." The original poster even warned someone not to give these mangoes a try, "Don't get these. Seriously, don't. The devil will forever have your soul, and you will not be able to survive without them."

Costco's Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes aren't healthy, but they are yummy

An ingredient list for Costco's Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes at Burpy mentions dried mangoes, dark chocolate, and vanilla extract. The mangoes described here include added sugar and a sulfite, to preserve color. The small print on the label in the image posted to Reddit, however, indicates that the version of chocolate covered mangoes found in Texas are sulfur-free.

The nutrition label for the new Kirkland chocolate covered mangoes wasn't made available on the Reddit post, but blogger Costcuisine gave the nutrition facts for a version with sulfites, reviewed in 2018. Two thin pieces of dried fruit are 110 calories with 17 grams of sugar. Eat just four of these chocolate covered mangoes, and you're getting more calories and almost as much sugar as in a 12-ounce can of Coke (via Coca-Cola). A reviewer at Snackathon said they ate a whole bag in one day, suggesting that this food is as "dangerous" as one Redditor had said.