Costco Copycat Recipes You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Costco is undoubtedly one of the world's most popular sources for shopping in bulk (and scouting out the sample tables for a quick and tidy mini-lunch), but what about when it comes to the food the retailer makes itself? Turns out, they've got it made. Pity the fool who hasn't visited their food court to grab a hot dog or slice of pizza, come home with a box of massive muffins, or any of the dishes from their butcher's hot section — they simply haven't lived.

Sadly, however, some of Costco's greatest hits are bound to get discontinued now and then no matter how much people demand they bring them back. That's why copycat Costco recipes are so great. Whether they're sweet or savory, skilled cooks and chefs have broken down the most delicious cult classics (seriously, some of these dishes have some seriously loyal followings) and kept the tradition of eating these dishes alive. They're the kind of things you need to try, too, making these bucket list-type experiences that every person should eat at least once

Best of all, making these dishes as home means that you'll get all of the taste without any of the highly regimented rules that employees need to follow. After all, who'd want a manager breathing down their neck over possible health code violations while they're cooking in their home kitchen? 

Costco copycat chocolate muffins

There's nothing quite like tearing into one of Costco's notoriously huge muffins, is there? It's a sometimes treat, sure, but there are time where you just need to indulge yourself via a gigantic chocolate chip muffin. Now that you've got the ability to make your own at home with this spot-on Costco copycat chocolate muffin recipe like this one. Even better, you won't need to pile into the car the next time that you've got a craving for one of these beauties. And if you're thinking of the caloric cost, don't forget that you don't have to bake up a massive six-pack of these absolute units. Neither are you obligated to eat huge muffins for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a couple of days afterward. In fact, you can freeze them, just the same as you can do with the OG Costco variety.

Copycat Costco sheet cake

We're always going to miss currently discontinued bakery items like Costco's All American Chocolate Cake, to be sure. But thanks to intrepid recipe developers like Molly Allen, who created this copycat Costco sheet cake recipe, we'll never go hungry for these massive, widely beloved sheet cakes again anytime soon. When we say we won't go hungry, we really mean it, too. One of these bad boys can typically serve 50 people, making it a perfect choice when looking to celebrate. If that seems like a bit much, you can always do a bit of math to scale the recipe down to a more reasonable size. Then again, don't you want to be the one who shows up to the party with a massive, delicious cake?

5-ingredient Costco tacos

It's not a copycat Costco recipe per se, but this 5-ingredient recipe for Costco tacos is a single trip to Costco away from a huge taco night. Plus, at a mere 10 minutes to make and with only five ingredients required, you'll be wondering why you haven't been making them more often. As simple as the prep and assembly is, don't skimp on a single step. You may be pretty hungry, but remember that it's important to do the little things like cutting up fresh pineapple and heating up and toasting your tortillas slightly. Little details like that, especially in such a pared-down but delicious recipe, make for all the difference on the dinner table.

5-ingredient copycat Costco rotisserie chicken

Believe it or not, making Costco's on-point rotisserie chicken doesn't take anything more than simply following this 5-ingredient copycat Costco rotisserie chicken recipe. Doesn't reading that sentence make you feel like you're moments away from rotisserie greatness? 

Lest you doubt the widespread hunger for these birds, know that they are some pretty serious business for Costco shoppers. Back in 2018, NPR reports, they were so in demand that Costco decided to enact its own production of the chickens, from barnyard to table, just so they could make sure they'd always have enough. We all know that they can still run out, however, so consider yourself one of the lucky few who knows how to make your very own delicious Costco rotisserie chicken in the comfort of your own home.

Copycat Costco chicken bake

Whether they were lovingly crafted by the chef or just a way to ingeniously combine a bunch of preexisting ingredients in the kitchen, Costco's chicken bake is a take on the pizza-adjacent calzone that's worth attempting to make at home at least once. According to the recipe's author Erin Johnson, this copycat chicken bake recipe can use whatever leftover chicken you might have lying around. What if you don't have any? It's just as good of a reason to whip up some fresh rotisserie chicken, too, making for an especially delicious homemade meal that everyone will surely love and ask to eat again and again.