JP Karwacki

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Montreal, Quebec
McGill University, Concordia University
Food & Drink, Lifestyle, Culture, History
  • JP is the Editor of Time Out Montreal.
  • He's previously written for food, lifestyle, and culture publications like NUVO Magazine, TIME Magazine, and Eater, as well as print outlets like the National Post and the Montreal Gazette.
  • He's spent 15 years in kitchens and bars as a cook, bartender, commis, bar-back, dishwasher, bus boy, and as a recurring eater and drinker.


JP Karwacki has been the editor of Time Out Montreal since 2019 and his work in the fields of food, drink, lifestyle, and culture has appeared in publications such as Time Magazine, NUVO Magazine, the National Post, and many more. Having called his city home for over a decade and a half, his focus is on spreading the good word about the amazing things to eat, drink and do in Montreal when he isn't doing deep dives into eating and drinking culture around the world. One half raconteur and the other flâneur, when he wasn’t working on the frontlines of Montreal’s restaurants and bars, he spent his time thinking about, reading about and writing about the city's restaurants and bars. He’s also a strong proponent of all things cultural, having owned and operated one of his city’s oldest bookstores for several years.


Having completed a Bachelor's Degree with a double major in English Literature and Creative Writing, JP Karwacki has honed his craft to the point of developing his own career in journalism without going to school for it. By completing a Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning as a secondary school English teacher, he has a developed understanding of the nature of instruction — that means writing and teaching recipes, too.
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