The Real Reason Domaine Javier Came Back To Worst Cooks In America

If you're a fan of the Food Network's "Worst Cooks in America," then you're probably familiar with Season 22, "Worst Cooks in America: Best of the Worst," in which previous contenders return to once again get a little-extra (much needed?) experience in the kitchen and take another swing at the top prize. With $25,000 and "culinary redemption" on the table, there was a lot at stake for these fan favorites.

One of those returning fan favorites is Domaine Javier. Longtime fans of hers may know her from MTV's "True Life" (Seriously, how good was this show?), in which she appeared in the 2011 "I'm Passing as Someone I'm Not" episode (via IMDb), revealing she was transgender. After the episode aired, Javier was actually expelled from California Baptist University for listing her gender as female on her admissions application, according to HuffPost. Not one to back down, she sued the university and explained to the outlet, "I believe that education is for everyone, regardless of their gender." Eventually, she earned seven degrees (via IMDb). How's that for touché?

According to her IMDb page, Javier also went on to land acting parts in several TV series, and she even became the first transgender woman featured on the Food Network – a network which may have a shady side. With all these accolades, why did she decide to sign up for another round of "Worst Cooks"? Let's find out.

Domaine Javier is returning to Worst Cooks in America for her fans

Domaine Javier believes in second chances. She felt she had more to learn when it comes to cooking and was happy to have a chance to learn from her "previous culinary mistakes and continue the learning process," as she put it to FoodSided. She told the publication, "Second chances give people the opportunity to make it better and show them their worth." Of course, Javier, herself, isn't the only one looking forward to her return to the kitchen.

Javier has quite the fan following on social media, and that is exactly whom she had in mind when returning to "Worst Cooks in America." "I feel like I owe them something for all the love and support they've graciously given me thus far," she told FoodSided. She added that her fans have been a "source of inimitable strength and gratitude." And, those fans will be happy to hear that Javier plans to deliver for "as long as the fans and Food Network want more of me." We're certainly here for it.