The Untold Truth Of Daym Drops From Fresh, Fried & Crispy

In the trailer for the Netflix show "Fresh, Fried & Crispy," host Daym Drops says his food mission is clear: He is ready to devour food. While he might be encouraging everyone to "keep it crispy," the reality is that this food vlogger turned superstar is never shy with his opinions. As the new Netflix show is set to premiere on June 9, food television fans are preparing to join his multi-city journey to find the ultimate fried food feast. Although these bites might not be as intricately plated as some of the dishes on a "Chef's Table," this exploration of fried food might make some foodies plan a new road trip.

According to the Netflix, "Fresh, Fried & Crispy" features "unknown fried dishes." From street food, to fancy kitchens, to home cooks, the goal is to find the "crispiest bite in town." While each episode features a specific locale, some foods include a decadent burger, deep fried Oreos, and even some jumbo lump crab cakes. After visiting various locations, one spot is named the best fried food. As shared in the preview video, every bite is said to be an "experience" and Daym Drops wants to bring viewers into that food world.

But how did his food vlogger become the authority on fried food?

Who is Daym Drops and how did he get his nickname?

Daym Drops, aka Daymon Patterson, took the food world by storm with his restaurant review videos on YouTube. With over 1.5 million followers on his channel, Drops calls himself a #FoodTitan. While many people turn to him for all things food related, the overall tone of his channel is lighthearted and fun. The videos are. not about always agreeing with his descriptions or opinions, but each video is meant to be a little diversion in an otherwise stale world.

In a recent interview with the Hartford Courant, Drops shared how he got his nickname when his YouTube channel started. He said, "Everyone always calls me Daym, and I was dropping videos three times a week." From that simple combination, the name and a thriving vlogger account was born. With more than 25 million views in total, his approach to fast food and his big personality has turned into a thriving business.

What YouTube video made Daym Drops a viral success?

While Daym Drops started his YouTube career in 2009 with a review of a McDonald's Frappe, one video review changed his life forever (per the Hartford Courant). As many people appreciated his food enthusiasm and even those occasional fist bumps, it was more than just witty commentary on a food menu item that many people order. It was about the personality of the man bringing that food to the masses.

As described in an interview with The Connecticut Post, the boldly sung response of "damn, damn, DAMN!" to his enjoyment of the Five Guys double bacon cheeseburger and Cajun fries was the description that foodies craved. With nearly 11 million views and even a Gregory Brothers remixed song version, a star was born.

Daym Drops parlayed that success into a variety of endeavors. Previously, he starred in "Best Daym Takeout" on the Travel Channel, appeared in several food commercials, and has been seen on the late night talk show circuit.

Does Daym Drops own a restaurant?

While many people turn to Daym Drops' YouTube channel for his infamous fast food reviews, the popular vlogger has expanded his influencer status beyond the screen. As he said in an interview with the Bristol Press, "The key is to not just be an influencer; you have to branch off and become your own mogul." Over the years, he met many people in the restaurant business, including Vincent Placeres. Recently, Drops became part owner of a MofonGo location in Windsor, Connecticut. The restaurant is focused on Puerto Rican food. Most of the menu items are priced between $10-12, which makes it an affordable choice for families. There is even a special menu item, "Daym Drops Soul Bowl."

Since he is always looking for the next opportunity, a new eatery is about to open. For the 2021 season, there will be a Daym Drops Diner at the Dunkin' Donuts Park. According to the Hartford Courant, the menu includes dishes like the Daym Dog, the Daym Trio, Chicken Tender Fender Bender, and the Bacon Steak. Whether or not these menu items will have guests breaking out into their own version of "Damn, Damn, DAMN!" remains to be seen. Still, the food choices are a slight departure from typical stadium fare.

Was Daym Drops a Rachel Ray correspondent?

While Daymn Drops had legions of fans on his YouTube channel, he did expand his reach as a "Rachael Ray" correspondent. Just like his affordable personality captivated people on social media, he endeared himself to fans on the popular daytime television talk show. From exploring late night eats with a young co-host to even learning to drive better, Drops was never at a loss for words. Luckily, he tamed some of his language for the crowd. 

One time, Drops was challenged to follow a plant-based food menu for five days. Although Drops might refer to lettuce as "crunchy water" and tomatoes as a "red ring of death," he was a good sport about following nutrition coach Marco Borges. Even though he might not be quite as musical about salad as he is about Five Guys burgers with bacon, Drops can get people excited about food with his unique descriptions.

What does the future hold for Daym Drops?

While Daym Drops has made quite a name for himself in the food world, the new Netflix show "Fresh, Fried & Crispy" will probably not be the last stop on his food journey. As he told the Bristol Press, his "opportunities are endless." For him, "You have to let go of your fear and not be afraid to fail." As he has shown over the years, he knows how to get back up after any potential stumble.

Whether or not "Fresh, Fried & Crispy" has a second season or another food television opportunity presents itself remains to be seen. With his legions of YouTube fans, it seems that Drops could be posed to challenge Guy Fieri and those Triple D stops. Or, Drops could go down a new road entirely. No matter which path he takes, Daym Drops and his engaging personality and drive will keep him moving forward.