This Is The Right Way To Pour Stella Artois Beer

Stella Artois is a beer brand that has been around for quite some time. Per Food and Wine Gazette, this Belgian Pilsner boasts a storied history that began in 1366 with the creation of the Den Hoorn brewery. The symbolic instrument horn that graces the label, in fact, is a nod to its past. But how popular is this beer today? According to the Wall Street Journal, the popularity of Stella Artois has really taken a dive in its native country. The article shares that the "every man" beer with an "herbaceous" and "metallically bitter finish" has been overtaken by new, trendier beers. 

On the flipside, according to Vine Pair, the international marketing firm YouGov ranked Stella as the 10th most popular beer in the United States, with a 38% popularity rating, as of April 2021. This means that while the Belgians may be directing their beer palate elsewhere, in the US at least, we are guzzling down Stella Artois like it's no one's business. However, that could simply be due to the fact that Americans just like beer. USA Today notes 40% of people that drink alcohol in the US call beer their beverage of choice. That said, if you are going to order and drink this star brew, you probably should know there is an exact method to pouring it, which seems fitting for a beer that's been around for more than 600 years.

There are 9 steps to properly pour a Stella

The time-honored method for pouring a Stella Artois is known as the Belgian Pouring ritual, according to a Youtube video featuring Allaine Schaiko, aka Stella Artois' World Draught Master. Schaiko walks viewers through the nine-step process, noting the added fanfare definitely brings out the beer's ultimate flavor. And we think, once you read through all the detail that this draught master exercises when pouring the brew, that you may even appreciate the drink a little more. 

The first step is called "the purification" and it involves washing the famed Stella Artois chalice in a cold water bath to bring the glass to the perfect temperature. The second step is known as "the sacrifice." This is where the draught master let's the "first burst of foam" flow away from the glass to ensure every drop you drink is fresh. The third step is called "liquid alchemy" and is all about the 45-degree angle you should be holding your chalice. Schaiko shares that this in particular is very important because the pour will then create the perfect ratio of liquid to foam in the glass of beer. But wait, there's more!

There is a payoff to this pouring process

Schaiko really shows off his skills in the Youtube video when he demonstrates Step 4, aka "the crown," which involves standing the chalice straight up and eyeballing to see that the foam is only two fingers high. Once you have the right height, you can proceed to Step 5, which is called "the removal" and is where the glass is moved away from the flowing beer as you close the nozzle to avoid any oxidized drink flowing into your chalice. Again, Schaiko shows off his impressive mastery, making us forget how thirsty we are. 

This takes us to Step 6, also known as "the beheading." With a single swipe of a knife, excess foam is removed, again at a 45-degree angle. It is pretty impressive, and a little fun to watch. But if you are getting really thirsty at this point, we hear you. Never fear — the rest of the process goes pretty quickly from here. Step 7 is called "the judgement" and ensures you have 3 centimeters of foam before you hit Step 8 and wash the outside of the chalice in a cold bath again, so it's clean to hold. Finally, that brings us to Step 9 or "the bestowal," where you finally get to drink it. After all that work, bottoms up!