You've Been Pouring Beer Wrong This Whole Time

We realize that snobbish beer culture can be annoying, but knowing how to pour a beer correctly is really something everyone should understand. It really isn't even about being right, or looking cool or knowledgable. Pouring beer correctly has everything to do with keeping yourself healthy, and enjoying the beer the best way possible (via Distractify).

As it turns out, the way you pour beer is important because if it is not done right, the beer bubbles can give you a stomachache. Carbon dioxide is pumped into the bottles to help preserve and maintain the flavor and taste of the beer. If beer is not poured correctly, the drink doesn't release the gas the way it should. This means the drink can expand in your stomach as you sip on it, which gives you a bloated, too-full feeling.

This is also why you want to pour your beer with the perfect amount of foam, and definitely not too little. It's not about the appearance of the beer, but the amount of gas that is released into the glass rather than your belly.

How to pour beer the right way

You've likely learned to pour a beer slowly into an angled glass, so that there is very little to no foam that builds up at the top of the glass. Max Bakker, a beer sommelier explains that as soon as you take the first bite of food after drinking a beer that's been poured this way, the carbon dioxide is disturbed and rapidly expands in your stomach, making your feel too bloated. To prevent this from happening, you need to change the pouring style so the gas is released into the glass and not your body (via Business Insider).

So, to release the gas during the pour, continue to pour the beer into an angled glass, but pour the beer with more vigor. It can even be poured from a bit of a height. There will be a lot more foam, so don't empty the whole bottle into the glass right away. A lot of that foam will turn to beer, but you might have to drink a bit before pouring the rest.

Not convinced? Each bottle of beer has about 2.5 bottles worth of carbon dioxide in it. So, if you want to save yourself from feeling bad when you're just trying to enjoy a beer, take the time to pour it well!