Aldi's Caramel Cashew Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Turning Heads

With the weather warming up, it is the perfect time of year to start stocking your freezer with hot weather treats, and this year, you defintely won't want to miss Aldi's tasty new dessert offerings. The grocery store has started selling a deliciously indulgent boutique ice cream treat, just in time for summer. Their new Churnbaby ice cream sandwiches are available in two delectable flavors: caramel cashew and caramel cookies n' cream. The sweet and creamy caramel cashew treats are made with decadent caramel ice cream flavored with a sea salt caramel ribbon and crunchy cashew chunks, and sandwiched between two shortbread cookies, per Churnbaby. The caramel cookies n' cream features a sea salt caramel ribbon, cookies n' cream ice cream, and a rich double fudge cookie exterior (via Churnbaby).

They are such a popular product with Aldi shoppers that many just couldn't keep it to themselves. The Instagram account @aldi.mademedoit couldn't resist posting about these tasty sandwiches, asking their followers: "Holy moly these @churnbaby sound so perfect! I need all the ice cream sandwiches! Which flavor would you choose Carmel cashew or caramel cookies n' cream?!"

Aldi's Churnbaby ice cream sandwiches received rave reviews online

According to many social media users, both ice cream sandwich flavors delivered a sweet and satisfying dessert experience. "Brought home both, just had caramel cookies and cream. SO YUMMY!" follower @lmcrowe raved, while @jjessmer626 replied: "I bought the caramel cashew ones and they are AMAZING." Although it seems like @twnztxi has the best idea with their response, posting: "Both! Going to grab them tomorrow if they have them!"

Another enthusiastic Churnbaby ice cream sandwich fan posted to Reddit: "Y'all these slap! No I mean it if you see em and don't buy em you need slapped cause they are legit the best ice cream I've ever eaten!" "Yeah, these are really good. Probably the best ice cream novelty I've ever had," another Reddit user agreed. So whether you prefer the mix of cashew and caramel, or are more of a fudge cookie fan, it certainly seems like you can't go wrong with either flavor of these popular ice cream treats. But no matter which box you purchase, you definitely won't want to miss out on adding these Churnbaby ice cream sandwiches to your roster of summer snacks.