The Very Unusual Way The Queen Cut A Cake At The G7 Summit

You may never have guessed it, but anyone looking to cut a cake has to follow certain etiquette. According to A Taste of Home, anyone looking to carve into a cake needs to use a serrated knife in order to avoid crumbly edges, the host should heat the knife to cut easily through frosting, and anyone who wants to cut the very first slice should also use a spatula in order to ensure the final product comes out perfectly intact. 

Queen Elizabeth II threw all of these rules and principles out the window, however, when she went to carve the first slice of a cake at the G7 summit. According to CNN, instead of using a knife or even a tranche, the queen opted to wield a curved sword to slice the celebratory cake. When asked if she would like a traditional knife, the queen shook her head, held onto the sword, and replied, "It's more interesting this way." She was met with chuckles and laughter from all those around her.

Inside Queen Elizabeth II's 'more interesting' way to cut cake

No one can argue that Queen Elizabeth II found herself an evocative way to slice a cake. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, accompanied the monarch, and both duchesses attempted to aid the queen when she struggled to achieve a clean cut through the center of the rectangular cake (via CNN). Footage of the event shows Queen Elizabeth II entering the shot holding the sword, yet the audience never truly learns where she obtained the weapon. The monarch also tries out a few approaches to using the sword, switching between a one-handed and two-handed method of grasping the sword's hilt. In the end, she did make a clean incision through the cake, but the video cuts out before we see a piece properly carved off.

Next time you need to impress guests at your party, take a page out of Queen Elizabeth II's book and opt to carve your dessert using a curved sword. Even if you do not end up getting the cleanest slice, you can easily make an impression and create a memory your guests won't soon forget.