Daym Drops Thinks This Is The Best Fried Food Ever - Exclusive

If you count yourself as a connoisseur of fried foods, you need to check out Netflix's latest offering, "Fresh, Fried & Crispy." This eight episode series features the exploits of host Daym Drops and his travels across the United States in search of the very best fried food the country has to offer (via Netflix). The star goes off the beaten path in order to find the next big thing, visiting spots dishing out perfectly golden-brown, deep fried delights, spanning locales that stretch from Savannah all the way to Denver. You couldn't ask for a better guide through the world of crispy, fried food than Drops, who got his start reviewing fast food on YouTube over a decade ago.

With a resume like that, you can be sure the star knows what it takes for fried foods to reach new heights. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Daym Drops laid out his take on the best, can't-live-without-it fried food ever.

The fried food that Daym Drops can't live without

When asked to choose a top fried food "Fresh, Fried & Cripsy" host Daym Drops couldn't live without, he replied: "Ooh, top fried food ever — ouch. Oh my goodness. Look, that was a real good question. You hit me with the curve ball piece because, for a long time, it was fried chicken. Like no matter where I go, I'm going straight to fried chicken."

"But do I eat more french fries than fried chicken?" Drops continued. "Because here's my reality, McDonald's french fries aren't touched by anybody, right? Like we understand the shoestring fries at McDonald's, that's an evil necessity no matter if you're vegetarian, vegan, you know, if you just love food in general, if you have a fried craving, if you're just stepping into it for the first time, there's something about McDonald's fries, consistently, over the years, that you keep coming back to, and most individuals know you got to ask for no salt when you want them extra fresh. Put your own salt on them things. Put your own salt on them, but you have to have McDonald's fries."

"So I'm sitting, I'm thinking, 'Fried chicken or McDonald's,' and I might be at McDonald's fries, family. I might be there." So there you have it! Next time you need to chow down on the very best, can't-live-without-it fried food, make a beeline to the super accessible McDonald's and indulge in this ultimate crispy pleasure. If Daym Drops counts it as a must-have, it can't be wrong! And make sure to check out "Fresh, Fried & Crispy," out now on Netflix.