Yolanda Gampp Thinks This Dessert Trend Will Be Making A Comeback

Considering she's been the authority of hyper-realistic cakes since starting her highly successful YouTube channel "How to Cake It," Yolanda Gampp is always on top of the latest cake trends. Though she's tweeted out her love for the naked cake trend (via Twitter), has taken on the fault line cake trend, and has nailed the mirror glaze cake trend, there's only one that Gampp believes stands the test of time: the cupcake.

As a co-judge on the FOX baking competition show "Crime Scene Kitchen," the Canada-based cake decorator has seen her fair share of over-the-top cakes with complicated decorations. Gampp, however, believes that the baking world is on track to do a 180. "I have a feeling cupcakes will make a comeback," she mentioned in an interview with Foodsided. It isn't that cupcakes have stopped being popular, it's that they were pushed aside while more extreme desserts like the ones from "How to Cake It" and "Cake Boss" took center stage. Back in 2005, however, the cupcake was all the rage, perĀ Growwire.

Yolanda Gampp is predicting a resurgence of the cupcake trend

According to Growwire, the modernization and popularity of the cupcake started with the 2005 opening of the world's first cupcake bakery in Beverly Hills, California, which eventually turned into the Sprinkles empire. Founder Candace Nelson reimagined cupcake decoration completely: instead of traditional piping, Sprinkles cupcakes were hand-frosted to form a perfectly flat top with the now-signature swirl and a simple candy dot.

Beautiful cupcakes are now ubiquitous in bakeries across America, but at the time it was groundbreaking. As Growwire elaborated, Sprinkles' started a simple yet timeless trend that excited customers and bakers alike, and it's precisely why cupcakeries remain a staple in the restaurant industry, inspiring Food Network shows like "Cupcake Wars."

It's been well over a decade since the opening of Sprinkles, and Yolanda Gampp thinks a cupcake renaissance is well overdue. "Sometimes I think baking trends are a cycle, like fashion," she told Foodsided. Gampp already sees it happening with cupcakes but is happy to let it take over, explaining, "Realistic cakes have been a trend in my life for the past 22 years!" So while Gampp very likely will still continue making her realistic cakes, it's safe to say she'd definitely be on board with a "How to Cupcake It" spinoff.