The Pioneer Woman's Daughter Is Looking For Friends To Join Her At This Popular Chain

Nope, you're not imagining it: fans of Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, are gobbling up every bit of news they can sink their teeth into regarding Drummond's eldest daughter, Alex, who turned 24 this week, as she told The List in an interview. What's with the sudden feeding frenzy? Well? First off, it's not all that sudden actually. Alex Drummond has been in the news recently for having gotten married on May 1 to her college sweetheart, Mauricio Scott, at a lavish wedding that took place at the Drummond family ranch. That ranch also serves as the set and backdrop for Food Network's long-running folksy, homey eponymously hosted "The Pioneer Woman." Since August of last year (that's when the engagement was announced), the mother-of-the-bride-to-be has been sharing the wedding and related plans with viewers and readers of her blog. And June 26 is the premiere of "Ranch Wedding" on the Food Network.

So let's just clear up any confusion: Alex Drummond is probably pretty slammed with interviews and media appearances; however, when things clear up a bit, she's looking to chow down at an Italian chain restaurant, and it might be nice if one of her friends (Or husband — hello, Mauricio, we're talking to you!) would join her. After all, good Italian food was meant to be shared. Can you guess the popular chain? 

Alex Drummond is a huge fan of this popular Italian chain

Yes, it's true. The Pioneer Woman's daughter, Alex Scott (née Alex Drummond), has a genuine love for the popular Italian casual restaurant chain with a name that has the sound of "I love" in the first word. We're talking about Olive Garden, of course. The newlywed, whom you can catch on Food Network's "Ranch Wedding" (streaming on Discovery+) is looking for friends to join her for a nice, casual Italian feast. 

"The salad, the breadsticks, good pasta — not gourmet, but good pasta — and the atmosphere," Alex said of her love for Olive Garden (via The Pioneer Woman blog). "You feel like you are in an Italian kitchen! I'm just kidding, the Italians would probably not agree with me."

But her plans have hit a bit of a snag, unfortunately. "My own husband will not go with me to Olive Garden, my friends don't really wanna go," Alex said, according to The Pioneer Woman. "No one really wants to go to Olive Garden and I'm like, I want to go to Olive Garden. So I want to form an alliance with people that feel the same way." 

Anyone up for joining the alliance? We happen to know on good authority that you'll be in good company.