How The Weather Almost Ruined Alex Drummond's Wedding

In the days leading up to Alex Drummond's May 1 wedding to her college sweetheart, Mauricio Scott, we were feeling The Pioneer Woman's concerns about whether Oklahoma's weather would cooperate with the wedding planning. After all, the state happens to be famous for its tornados in May (via Weather-US).

Nevertheless, Ree Drummond bravely dug her Pioneer Woman heels into the Oklahoma earth and vowed she wasn't going to let any kind of weather get in the way of her eldest daughter's wedding. Alright, fine, we're taking some liberties here with the hyperbole, but here's the real deal: The Pioneer Woman, being the cooking and home entertaining pro that she is, left no doubt that she and her family were going to be prepared for any and every weather eventuality — and they were. Because as it turned out, the weather did not fully cooperate on the special day.

Oklahoma's rainy system was no match for the ever-resourceful Drummond family

The gorgeous, six-tiered wedding cake baked by Amy Cakes for Alex and Mauricio Scott's special day? Well, there was a chance that it wasn't going to make it to the wedding thanks to Oklahoma's recalcitrant late-spring weather system. That would have been such a shame because the cake was very special and unique — having been decorated with "handmade edible lace that mimicked Alex's Monique Lhuillier bridal gown," according to The Pioneer Woman; but beyond that, what bride would ever want to find out their cake blew away in the wind on their wedding day?

That's what might have happened thanks to high winds, we learned watching Food Network's "Ranch Wedding," which gave us highlights of the big day. But what we also learned from "Ranch Wedding" is that eventually the weather cleared up — just in time for beautiful sunset photos, according to mother of the bride Ree Drummond, and the cake, as you can see, remained fully intact — and gorgeous.